N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2
Compilation album by Nick Oliveri
Released July 7 2017
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Punk Rock, Acoustic Rock, Blues
Length 20:04
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N.O. Hits At All Vol. 1
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2
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N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2 is the second collection of rarities and selected guest songs featuring Nick Oliveri, released a little under six months after the first release in the series.


Following the release of the first N.O. Hits At All, a second volume quickly followed with six more tracks, two of which previously unreleased including the short-lived Royale Daemons and a duet of Death Acoustic covers. N.O. Hits At All was released on 7 July 2017 via Heavy Psych Sounds on the following formats: Digital, CD, Black Vinyl and White/Blue Splatter (350 copies).

Nick Oliveri - N​.​O. Hits At All Vol

Nick Oliveri - N​.​O. Hits At All Vol. 2 (2017)


  • 1. Dwarves - We Only Came To Get High (1:26)
  • 2. Royale Daemons - Nothing At All (4:00)
  • 3. Queens of the Stone Age - Back To Dungaree High (3:03) (Turbonegro)
  • 4. You Know Who - Wastoid (2:04) (You Know Who)
  • 5. Nick Oliveri - John Lawman / Green Machine (5:59) (Roky Erickson; Brant Bjork)
  • 6. Lightnin' Woodcock - In The Butt (3:31)

Track OriginsEdit

  • 1. We Only Came To Get High - From the 2011 single We Only Came To Get High and later the 2011 Dwarves album The Dwarves Are Born Again. Josh Freese is erroneously credited on guitar when he actually plays drums.
  • 2. Nothing At All - One of two recorded songs by Royale Daemons, a short lived side project featuring Oliveri, Wino and Joey Castillo.
  • 3. Back To Dungaree High - From the compilation Alpha Motherfuckers: A Tribute to Turbonegro. The credited artist for this track is Turbonegro in an error of sorts.
  • 4. Wastoid - From the 2015 album You Know Who.
  • 5. John Lawman / Green Machine - Death Acoustic recordings. John Lawman is a Roky Erickson cover while "Green Machine" is a Kyuss cover. Dedicated to Kyuss World.
  • 6. In The Butt - From the album $atan's Work Is Never Done (Vol. II).


Death AcousticEdit


  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Lead Vocals
  • Hewhocannotbenamed - Guitar
  • Josh "PF Chang" Freese - Drums
  • The Fresh Prince of Darkness - Guitar
  • Blag The Ripper - Backing Vocals

Royale DaemonsEdit

  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Vocals
  • Wino - Guitar
  • Joey Castillo - Drums

Queens of The Stone AgeEdit

You Know WhoEdit

  • Nick Oliveri - Lead Vocals
  • Mike Pygmie - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Greg Seanz - Drums
  • Dylan Weed - Bass

Lightnin' WoodcockEdit

  • "Dirty" Nick Oliveri - Lead Vocals
  • Lightnin' Woodcock - Guitar
  • Lil' Donkey Clayton K. - Guitar
  • Whiskey Will Lefevre - Bass
  • John Lord - Drums

Other PersonnelEdit

  • SOLOMACELLO - Artwork

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