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Background information
Web Address MrStonebeliever on YouTube
Creator Tangy Zizzler
Launch Date 2011
Current Status Defunct
MrStonebeliever was a YouTube channel formed circa 29 July 2011 that would share underground albums in the stoner, doom and psych genres, often bands that rarely got any recognition. Notably the channel had a policy that if any band requested that the video would be taken down the request would be honored. A second channel in MrStonebeliver2 was created on 30 July 2014. As of 2020 the main channel stands at over 55,000 subscribers.

However by the late 2010s the channel would cease activity due to motivation subsiding and also conflicts with Stoned Meadow of Doom, a channel once associated with and harbored a friendship. It's been implied in closing statements that Tangy (The owner of Mr. Stonebeliver) taught Clint Beed (Stoned Meadow of Doom) how to run a music sharing YouTube channel.[1]

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