Monument of Urns
Background information
Origin New England, U.S.
Genres Funeral Doom Metal, Drone Doom
Years active 2004 - Present
Labels Hand Hewn Timbre

Monument of Urns is an anonymous American doom band originating from New England. Formed in 2004, the band has released all of its EPs in 3" CD-R format, apart from the fifth release, Blaspheme, which is a 5" CD-R. Although all titles have been self-released, they are not to be considered demos, as they are complete and finished works in their own right. It is unclear who the members are.

The band's first release, The Ancient Method, is given the alternative title The Tomb on the disc insert.

The Monument of Urns side project Bird of Omen has made two releases to date, Eulogy (2012) and What Was Once There Is Now Gone (2013).

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