Michelle Massacre
Michael Mosher
Background information
Birth Name Michael Mosher
Alias 0, Bloodbath, Dave Davidson,
Born November 9, 1981
Occupation Musician
Genres Doom metal, funeral doom, sludge metal, noise, electronic
Instrument(s) Drums, bass, guitar, vocals
Years active 1996–present
Associated acts Cult of Divine Mercy, CrrYxiA, DeCRYPTed, Devotee
Michael Mosher (born November 9, 1981), better known by his pseudonym Michelle Massacre, is an American musician best known for having many musical projects. One of them include Cult of Divine Mercy, CrrYxiA, DeCRYPTed and Devotee.

Mosher has been living in Canada since 1996, in which he started his first band Necroscope, but was dismissed from the band soon after

Biography Edit

Michael Mosher was originally born in Newport, Vermont, United States, but relocated to the state of Georgia at a very young age. He became interested in music at the age of eight, and eventually taught himself to play guitar as well as other instruments. He has never had any formal lessons. Michael moved to Canada at age 15, by which time he had already put together (and managed to get himself kicked out of) his first band, which went by the name Necroscope.

Between then and now, Mosher has been involved in a number of groups as well as various personal solo-projects. Bands have included Katachthonios, in which he was the guitarist and vocalist, Self-Hatred, AnHero, under the pseudonym "Lord /a/sexual," alternating with Remi Bilodeau (a.k.a. "Lord /b/sexual") sharing responsibilities on vocals, guitar, as well as live drums.

Some of his solo-projects include (but are not limited to), Intra-Uterine Sabbat, The Dipshit Losers, Rob Grave$ and Doxomedon.

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