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Welcome to Riffipedia - The Stoner Rock Wiki, a place to find and add information about the wider stoner rock scene; A scene that includes the likes of stoner rock, stoner metal, sludge metal, doom metal, desert rock, heavy rock, psychedelic rock, post-metal and post-rock among other oddities in the underground music world.

Riffipedia is all about helping to expand the greatest music scene in the world, unearthing lost knowledge, building up the underground and making sure every fan has a chance of finding out about any aspect of it. Riffipedia - The Stoner Rock Wiki is the Wikipedia of the stoner rock scene... and more. A site where anybody can add information or their opinions about this amazing music scene. The whole success of Riffipedia relies on the involvement of the people of this scene. A community of people all bonded by our love of anything downtuned, psychedelic, fuzzy and heavy. 

So sign up and get involved today to help make Riffipedia - The Stoner Rock Wiki the Holy Mountain of the stoner rock community.

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YourNamePlease YourNamePlease 22 May

The Future?

Good day. I hope this message finds you well.

So nearing my sixth year contributing to the wiki in August and the wiki's seventh anniversary in December, it's been quite a journey to say the least. Currently I've been pecking at the discographies of several bands, along with a great deal of clean-up throughout the whole of the wiki. We haven't put too much of an emphasis on newer bands unfortunately and it's been difficult to keep up.

And by "we" I actuall…

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