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Origin Karlstad, Sweden
Genres Stoner Rock
Years active 1997-2003, 2013-present
Labels MeteorCity Records, Blues Funeral Recordings
Associated acts I Are Droid, Nebula, Sparzanza, Dozer
Website Facebook
Current members Ola Hellquist
Niclas Stålfors
Andreas Eriksson
Peder Bergstrand
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Lowrider is a four piece stoner rock/sludge band from Karlstad, Sweden formed in 1997. They produced one album, a split EP and a split single in their original run between 1997 and 2003. The band returned for special reunion shows at DesertFest London and DesertFest Berlin in 2013, and are currently in the process of making a second album which would see release in 2020.


Lowrider were formed in 1997 in Karlstad, Sweden by Ola Hellquist (lead guitar and vocals), Niclas Stålfors (guitar), Andreas Eriksson (drums) andPeder Bergstrand (bass and vocals).[1] Their sound upon formation was a mix between classic stoner rock and elements of sludge.

The band's first release came in their début year, when they released a split 7" single with fellow Swedish stoner rock band Sparzanza.[2] The split featured one Lowrider song, 'Lameneshma', as well as the Sparzanza song 'Burnin' Boots'.[2] Due to a printing error, 500 copies of the split were labelled on the wrong side.[2] Of these 500 misprints, most were disposed of, though 50 copies were released with a note explaining the misprint and an alternative sleeve.[3]

On April 27th 1999, Lowrider released a split EP with Nebula via MeteorCity.[4] The split double EP featured eight songs, (four Nebula songs on the A side and four Lowrider songs on the B side).[4] The first song from Lowrider's side of the split was 'Lameneshma' which had featured on their previous split. [4]

In 2000 Lowrider toured through Europe, playing 14 shows in 8 different countries with Co-Headliner Dozer. On September 19th of the same year, they released their first studio album, Ode to Io via MeteorCity.[5] The album is seen as one of the great seminal records of the stoner rock scene[6]; though Kerrang!, not a magazine well versed in stoner rock lore, did give Lowrider the 'Most Convincing Kyuss Clone' award as a result of the album.

It was originally reported that the band would be recording a second studio album, but in 2003, Lowrider disbanded, at the time seemingly permanently. Peder Bergstrand would go on to join the band I Are Droid.[7]

Lowrider - Lameneshma

Lowrider - Lameneshma

10 years after they disbanded, Lowrider were announced to play special one-off reunion shows at DesertFest London and DesertFest Berlin in April 2013.[8][9] The reunion was initially orchestrated by Reece Tee, one of the main organisers of Desertfest London.[10] When the band were announced for the Berlin show, Bergstrand stated that the shows were one-offs, with no plan to permanently reunite:

The band is not considering permanently reforming and writing new songs for now, so if you want to see us on stage, don't miss that one-off show!
— Peder Bergstrand[11]

Lowrider would go on to play sporadic dates, including Stoned from the Underground in 2013[12], a London show with Dozer and Steak[13] and Hellfest 2014.[14]

On 21st January 2015, it was confirmed via the band's facebook account that they were working on a new album.

What I'm doing? Oh not much. Just going to Ola's to work on our first album in FIFTEEN YEARS
— Lowrider, Facebook[15]

In 2017 Lowrider would establish a Bandcamp page and release a deluxe version of "Ode To Io", featuring the songs from compilations and splits along with the album. On 21 February 2020 Lowrider would release Refractions, the band's first studio album in nearly twenty years. Refractions would gain positive critical reception. Currently the band is lined up to perform at the 2020 edition of Fuzz Festival, curated by Truckfighters.



LOWRIDER - DesertFest London 2013 (Credit Monster Riffage)

LOWRIDER - DesertFest London 2013 (Credit Monster Riffage)

Credit: Youtube user MonsterRiffage

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