Love Super Terranean
Love Super Terranean
Artwork by Kenichiro Nagao.
Studio album by Shutaro Noguchi
Released June 29 2018
Recorded 2015 - 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky/Japan
Genre Psychedelic Rock, Folk Rock, Neo-Folk, Neo-Psych, Experimental
Length 36:35
Label Feeding Tube Records
Producer Shutaro Noguchi
Shutaro Noguchi chronology
Back of The Horse
Love Super Terranean

Love Super Terranean is the second studio album by Japanese-born Louisville musician Shutaro Noguchi. Released in late June 2018 via Feeding Tube Records it sees a further vision of Shutaro's sound, this time with a full band at the helm.


The origins of Love Super Terranean date back to 2015 to when Noguchi would begin work on the record, recording parts in Japan and in Louisville. In 2016, Shu would release an EP entitled Back of The Horse with alternate versions and outtakes from his previous outing Sun Sai Gai 2. Notably, the Axel Cooper composition "Fowl Parade" and the alternate version of "African Flower" would be re-recorded with a full band for the album. This quartet lineup made their debut at the 2017 edition of Cropped Out Music Festival that September.

A 15-minute single for African Flower would be unveiled in late September 2017 (Later put on a split cassette with Axel Cooper). By December the album would be announced to be released on Feeding Tube Records the next summer.[1]

The official release party for Love Super Terranean was on 29 June 2018 at Nach Bar in Louisville (With support from R. Keenan Lawler and Copiers). In the weeks to follow, Shu would compose a ten-date tour through the northeastern United States in support of the album.[2]


  • 1. African Flower (15:02) (Noguchi)
  • 2. Midnight Sun (5:49) (Noguchi)
  • 3. Snowman "H" (6:14) (Noguchi)
  • 4. Fowl Parade (9:30) (Noguchi/Cooper)


  • Shutaro Noguchi - Guitar, Bass, Rhodes, Synth, Recording, Mixing, Letter, Photography
  • Chris Martian - Drums
  • Axel Cooper - Bass
  • Hank Paradis - Rhodes, Synthesizer
  • Dane Waters - Vocals (2)
  • Leigh Viner - Flute (2)
  • Jim Marlowe - Recording
  • Carl Saff - Mastering
  • Kenichiro Nagao - Artwork, Art Direction

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