Los Dolores
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Background information
Origin Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Genres Heavy Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2017 - Present
Website Los Dolores Official

Los Dolores are a heavy rock/psych rock band originating from Louisville, Kentucky, with some members also originating from Bogotá, Colombia. Active since at least 2017 this quartet (originally a trio) has performed regularly in the Louisville music scene, sharing the stage with the likes of Ohlm, Spacetrucker, Satellite Twin, King Kong and many others. Notably the band has also done several shows outside of Louisville including shows in Michigan and Illinois.

To date the band has released a 29-minute self-titled EP and a studio cover of "Southern Man" by Neil Young in late 2017.

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • Los Dolores (EP) (2017)
  • Southern Man (Digital Single) (2017)

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Josh Hawkins - Guitar, Vocals (2017 - Present)
  • Juliana Rodriguez - Bass, Vocals (2017 - Present)
  • Adam Dennison - Guitar, Vocals (2017 - Present)
  • Greg Morris - Drums (2018 - Present)
  • Juan Andres Rodriguez - Drums (2017)

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