Live at the Wax Museum
Wax Museum
A depiction of the cardboard sleeve and CD.
Live album by The Obsessed
Released 2016 ("Officially")
Genre Doom Metal, Hard Rock
Length 59:20
The Obsessed chronology
Live at the Wax Museum
(2016 ("Officially"))

Live at the Wax Museum is a live release by The Obsessed, originally recorded in 1982 during the band's initial run. This release for many years was often bootlegged and traded among the doom circles, specifically bootlegged by one Doom Records in 1992 ans later 2002. In 2016 the band self-released the show on CD and sold exclusively on their 2016 USA Tour with Karma To Burn and The Atomic Bitchwax.

The show itself chronicles a time before Sodden Jackal was even released, illustrating how far back many of the band's songs were conceived before officially appearing on any album (With "Endless Circles" appearing on Lunar Womb nearly a decade later and five of the songs appearing on The Church Within 12 years later.).


  • 1. Intro (1:06)
  • 2. Burning Gland (3:20)
  • 3. Ground Out (2:48)
  • 4. Concrete Cancer (3:47)
  • 5. Failsafe (4:23)
  • 6. Decimation (5:31)
  • 7. Blind Lightning (3:30)
  • 8. Sister Sin (4:02)
  • 9. Iron & Stone (3:24)
  • 10. Guitar Solo (0:45)
  • 11. Endless Circles (3:54)
  • 12. Neatz Brigade (8:19)
  • 13. Touch of Everything (5:04)
  • 14. Mental Kingdom (3:40)
  • 15. Sodden Jackal (4:47)


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