Live 1984 at The Stardust Ballroom
Samhain Stardust Ballroom
The full DVD layout.
Live album by Samhain
Released 2005
Genre Horror Punk, Doom Rock, Deathrock, Gothic Rock
Length 48:55
Samhain chronology
Live '85 - '86
Live 1984 at The Stardust Ballroom
'Final Release'

Live 1984 at The Stardust Ballroom is the only live DVD by the New Jersey band Samhain, released in 2005 via Evilive and Music Video Distributors. This live performance would take place in November 1984 during the band's Season of The Dead tour, supporting Initium. Danzig mentions a single introducing one of the songs but ultimately this single never came to fruition. Along with featuring the majority of Initium, several songs from the 1985 EP Unholy Passion appear on here, along with a few re-imagined Misfits songs.

The DVD itself shows the entire performance shot on two cameras, with no extras on the DVD itself. Some copies also came with a Samhain sticker. This DVD, like all other Samhain releases, is out of print.


Stardust Ballroom Original Flyer

The original flyer for the show.

00 Samhain stardust ballroom hollywood 1985 full show

00 Samhain stardust ballroom hollywood 1985 full show

All songs written by Glenn Danzig.

  • 1. Samhain
  • 2. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
  • 3. Macabre
  • 4. Die, Die My Darling
  • 5. The Shift
  • 6. The Howl
  • 7. Black Dream
  • 8. I Am Misery
  • 9. Halloween II
  • 10. The Hungry End
  • 11. Unholy Passion
  • 12. Horror Biz
  • 13. He Who Cannot Be Named
  • 14. Archangel
  • 15. Moribund


  • Glenn Danzig - Lead Vocals, Guitar on "Archangel".
  • Damien - Guitar
  • Eerie Von - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Steve Zing - Drums, Backing Vocals

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