Liquid Sound Company
Liquid Sound Company
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Background information
Origin Arlington, Texas, USA
Genres Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 1996 - Present
Labels Rockadelic, Rockadrome, Brainticket, Nasoni
Associated acts Solitude Aeturnus, Last Chapter, Stone Machine Electric
Website Facebook

Liquid Sound Company is a psychedelic/acid rock band from Arlington, Texas. Active since 1996 LSC is best known as one of the main projects of doom metal musician John Perez, better known as the guitarist for Solitude Aeturnus. For over two decades LSC had functioned as a studio-only project, only beginning to perform live shows in 2018.


Liquid Sound Company was formed in 1996 by John Perez and Jason Spradlin. Perez is better known for his doom metal band Solitude Aeturnus but has also pursued a life long interest in challenging, psychedelic music. Deciding to write and then record some songs for an album on his newly formed label at the time (Brainticket Records), the Liquid Sound Company was officially born with the release of the debut album Exploring The Psychedelic in the spring of 1996. The album was also released on vinyl through the legendary Rockadelic Records at the same time.

Years passed and a second album, Inside The Acid Temple was released in 2002. Recorded at Cedar Valley College with Dixie Witch guitarist Clayton Mills engineering and mixing. The line up had expanded and changed including David Fargason on bass.

Several more years followed and in 2008 Perez and Spradlin recorded some new material for an new release entitled Acid Music For Acid People. This time with Mark Cook (Herd Of Instinct) on Warr guitar and Bass. Mark also mixed the material for the release.

After several years of inactivity the Liquid Sound Company finally began work on new material in 2016. A new song Cosmic Liquid Love was issued on Facebook and most recently the band has recorded a Black Sabbath cover, "Sleeping Village" for an upcoming tribute on Stone Groove Records. A fourth album is currently in the works.

On 27 October 2018 at Division Brewing in Austin, Liquid Sound Company would perform live for the first time ever.[1][2] The band would perform a couple more shows going into 2019, notably a gig with Lucid Furs and Doomstress.


  • Exploring The Psychedelic (1996, Brainticket)
  • Inside The Acid Temple (2002, Brainticket)
  • Acid Music For Acid People (2011, Rockadrome)


  • David Fargason - Bass (2002 - Present)
  • Mark Cook - Warr Guitar (2008 - Present)
  • Jason Spradlin - Drums (1996 - Present)
  • John Perez - Percussion, Guitar, Vocals (1996 - Present)
  • Terri Pritchard - Bass (1996 - 2001)

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  1. Facebook Event
  2. Liquid Sound Company Facebook
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