Leaf Hound Records
The logo designed for LHR's releases.
Record label information
Founded 2002 (Ended in 2008)
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
Country of Origin Japan
Based in Saitama

Leaf Hound Records was a record label specializing in 60s and 70s inspired stoner/doom metal. The label takes its name from the 70s hard rock band Leaf Hound. Leaf Hound Records was founded by Toreno Koayashi.


Leaf Hound Records was created in 2002 mainly to promote stoner rock and doom metal to the country of Japan. While some releases were made for bands of the country, a lot of the releases were reissues of classic doom releases from the early 90s along with distributed releases from Rise Above Records and Holy Mountain Records.

As of 2008, the label's state is unknown, as confirmed by Tom Sutton of Church of Misery in an interview. In the interview Sutton stated the owner of the label suffered from a severe nervous breakdown that rendered him catatonic. Planned releases with Ogre and other intended bands never happened due to the label's dissolution.

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