Kyuss World
Kyuss World
Background information
Web Address Official page for Kyuss World
Creator Nathan Lawver
Launch Date May 13 2013
Current Status Active

Kyuss World is a fanclub community created by fans of the influential desert rock/stoner rock band Kyuss, billed as the "Officially Unofficial Fan Club". Founded on 13 May 2013 this community functions largely through it's social media groups. In the official Kyuss World Facebook group the desert rock band is often discussed along with all of the associated projects from Kyuss' members. The facebook group also welcomes discussion of other stoner rock, desert rock and heavy fuzz groups. As of the late 2010s the Facebook group has amassed over 14,000 members.

Notably the Kyuss World community has also hosted events surrounding photo events at the iconic Sky Valley sign and even getting members of the community from various parts of the world flown over to events such as Stoned and Dusted. The community also hosts a "World Kyuss Day" every fall.

Also of note is Kyuss World Radio, hosted by PJ Boston and KW creator Nathan Lawver. Kyuss World Radio has been active since 2015, managing to interview several individuals within the Palm Desert scene.

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