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Kung Pao
Background information
Origin New York City, New York, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal, Noise Rock
Years active 1997 - 2004
Labels Maduro, -ismist
Website Kung Pao on -ismist

Kung Pao was a stoner rock band based out of New York City. Forming in 1997, the band definitely gives a few nods to the likes of Killdozer, early Tad, etc with their brand of riff heavy ultra down tuned sludge. In their run the band released two studio albums following a split release and a demo.


Kung Pao was formed in the spring of ’97 when Chovie D and T.B. moved to New York City from Madison, WI. They quickly hooked up with drummer Davey D, who rocks more than anyone could have hoped for. Although their sound is heavy and aggressive, the band is not about anger and frustration. This band is all about having a good time, celebrating life’s basic themes and stomping their way through huge slabs of sound. The band's first official release, following a demo, would be a split with Tucker released on 1 July 1998.

The band would soon sign with Maduro Records and -ismist, releasing two albums in Bogota (11 February 2000) and Shebogyan (9 May 2002). Aside from performing at festivals such as Stoner Hands of Doom and Emissions from the Monolith little is known about them. Kung Pao disbanded roughly around 2004.


  • Kung Pao Presents! (Demo) (1997, Self-Released)
  • Kung Pao / Tucker (Split with Tucker) (1998, Maduro)
  • Bogota (Studio Album) (2000, Maduro; -ismist)
  • Shebogyan (Studio Album) (2002, Maduro; -ismist)


  • Chovie D - Guitar, Vocals
  • T.B. - Bass
  • Davey - Drums

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