John Garcia
John Garcia
Background information
Birth Name John Garcia
Alias The Coyote
Born 4 September 1970,
San Manuel, Arizona
Occupation Singer, Veterinary Technician
Genres Stoner Rock,
Desert Rock,
Stoner Metal
Instrument(s) Vocals
Years active 1987 - Present
Labels Dali, Elektra, Suburban, Napalm, Cargo, Man's Ruin Records, MeteorCity Records, Tee Pee Records, Small Stone Records
Associated acts Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, Vista Chino, Mondo Generator, Karma To Burn, Zun
John Garcia is a vocalist, while best known for his tenure in the desert rock band Kyuss, has also contributed his voice to several other bands in the stoner rock and metal genres. Garcia's distinctive charismatic voice has placed him as one of the key players in the desert rock scene.

Active since 1987 and touring all over the world with various bands in that time, Garcia has contributed his vocals on thirteen albums as of 2019, including three solo albums under his own name. Garcia has also contributed guest vocals to several other bands over a career spanning 30+ years.


Kyuss (1987 - 1995)Edit

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The band formed in 1987 jamming under the name Katzenjammer (German archaic slangword for "Hangover") before eventually deciding upon Sons of Kyuss. Brant Bjork selected the name from the undead monster found in the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game book Fiend Folio. In 1989 the band recorded their eponymous debut EP entitled Sons of Kyuss, which was their only release to feature Chris Cockrell on bass. Nick Oliveri would take over the bass role that same year and the band's name would be shortened to Kyuss.

Kyuss would garner a reputation early on for their performance at generator parties, before signing to independent label Dali in 1991 and releasing their debut album Wretch that September. In 1992, the band, along with new producer Chris Goss, began work on their next album Blues for the Red Sun. Goss understood the band, and was able to accurately capture their live sound in the studio. Released on 30 June that year, the album was critically hailed and is today widely regarded as a pioneering stoner rock record. By the time of the release party, Oliveri was fired and replaced by Scott Reeder, who had been approached about joining Kyuss five-to-six months earlier during a West Coast tour with The Obsessed, making his debut at the release party for the album. The band did a full tour of the United States in support of the album and toured the US again in 1993. By the end of 1993, they were invited to open nine dates for Metallica touring Australia.

The band then soon found themselves signed with major label Elektra Records after Dali Records hit financial problems and was bought by Elektra. On 28 June 1994, they would release their first major label album, self-titled Kyuss. Originally intended to be titled Pools Of Mercury, the album commonly came to be known among fans as Welcome to Sky Valley. Between record company and bandmember shuffling it would take a whole year for the album recorded in 1993 to be released. Once again produced by Chris Goss, Welcome to Sky Valley would attain critical acclaim and is cited as an important record in the makings of stoner rock. However tensions between founding members Brant Bjork and Josh Homme would lead the former to leave the band, with Alfredo Hernández (Yawning Man, Across The River) replacing him.

On 11 July 1995, they released their fourth and final album ...And The Circus Leaves Town with the band touring Europe twice along with the United States in 1995 to support it. A video was made for "One Inch Man", the album's only official single. The album was not as successful commercially as Sky Valley, receiving many lukewarm reviews. Within 3 months of the release, Kyuss decided to disband sometime in October 1995, with their last known show being on 9 September 1995 at Festa dell'Unità in Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy. Garcia and Homme were the only two members to remain through the band's entire tenure.

In December 1997 via Man's Ruin Records, a transitional split EP (Kyuss/Queens of The Stone Age) was released, featuring three songs by Kyuss ("Into the Void" -a Black Sabbath cover-, "Fatso Forgotso" and "Flip the Phase") and three by Queens of the Stone Age ("If Only Everything", "Born to Hula" and "Spiders & Vinegaroons").

Notably Garcia would appear as an onstage guest with Queens of the Stone Age on 20 December 2005 at the Wiltern LG Theatre in Los Angeles, the last date of the Lullabies to Paralyze tour. Garcia would appear for the encore and perform "Thumb", "Hurricane" and "Supa Scoop and Mighty Scoop".[1][2]

Slo Burn (1996 - 1997, 2017)Edit

  • For further details, feel free to view the page on Slo Burn.

Slo Burn were formed in 1996 in Palm Desert, California by John Garcia (vocals) in the months after the disbandment of Kyuss. The rest of the band included Chris Hale (guitar), Damon Garrison (bass) and Brady Houghton (drums).

The band's first release was a five track demo, released in 1996. Their second release came in April 1997 in the form of the Amusing The Amazing EP which was put out by Malicious Vinyl.[3] Slo Burn shared a similar musical style to Kyuss, not least because of Garcia's vocal performance, but also the production efforts of Chris Goss, who not only worked on Amusing The Amazing but also several of Kyuss' releases. Slo Burn made appearances at festivals during their short run, including Dynamo Festival[4] and touring with Ozzfest, both in 1997.[5] The band decided to split up in September 1997. In interviews since the disbandment of Slo Burn, Garcia has stated that the band had intended to record a full length album had they not split up.

Slo Burn would be announced in 2016 as one of the headliners for DesertFest London, performing on 28 April at The Electric Ballroom. The band would incorporate songs from Amusing The Amazing along with new songs. Following their appearance at Desertfest, Slo Burn would tour Europe that June, making notable appearances at Freak Valley Festival and Hellfest, closing out the year in the United States with an appearance at Psycho Las Vegas.[6] The band intended to record a debut album in light of the reunion but nothing has come as of yet.

Unida (1998 - 2004, 2012 - 2014)Edit

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Unida was founded sometime in 1998 by Arthur Seay, Miguel Cancino, Dave Dinsmore and John Garcia, the latter joining in the wake of the dissolution of Slo Burn. The band would tour Europe at some point in 1998. Dinsmore's tenure as the bassist would be short-lived though he would record four tracks with the band in August 1998 and then an album's worth of material in January 1999. Eddie Plascencia would serve as the band's bassist for North American tours and shows in that time. Unida would work with MeteorCity Records in releasing a split with Dozer on 20 April 1999 entitled The Best Of Wayne-Gro / Coming Down The Mountain. Recruiting former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder after a hiatus from music, Unida would tour Europe with Nebula that May, including an appearance at Dynamo Open Air in The Netherlands. Unida would then sign with Man's Ruin Records to release their first studio album Coping With The Urban Coyote on 16 November 1999. The band toured Europe in support of the album, performing with the likes of Orange Goblin.

In 2000 Unida would sign with Rick Rubin's label American Recordings and begin work on a studio album set for a 2001 release. Due to Rick Rubin having a falling out with Sony, American Recordings would be absorbed by Island/Def Jam, one of many reasons the album's status was put in limbo, along with Unida being unhappy with the mixes of the then-known El Coyote, later released independently as For The Working Man among other titles. Reeder would leave the group and following a series of fill-in bassists for tours Unida would disband in 2004.

Unida (Seay, Cancino, Garcia and Plascencia) would reunite in 2008 for at least two shows that Spring: 21 February 2008 at Safari Sam's in Hollywood and 7 March 2008 at The Viper Room in West Hollywood. Unida would reunite again in 2012, this time with Arthur Seay's nephew Owen on bass, aged 20 at the time of joining. The band's first show with this lineup was on 10 August 2012 at The Hood Bar & Pizza in Palm Desert, California. 2013 would see Unida headline DesertFest Berlin and DesertFest London along with a tour of New Zealand and Australia. A follow-up tour of Europe entitled The Return of The Urban Coyote would happen the next year, including appearances at Graspop Metal Meeting and Hellfest among other shows. The band also intended to put out a proper physical release of For The Working Man but due to the legal issues surrounding the album the album remains unreleased, with the members of Unida concentrating on other projects.

Hermano (1998 - 2008, 2016)Edit

  • For further details, feel free to view the page on Hermano.

Hermano was formed in the summer of 1998 by Dandy Brown as a new side project while residing in Hamilton, Ohio at the time (Though he would move to California by the time the band started) with the intent of working with some of his favorite musicians. The first member Brown would recruit would be Steve Earle of The Afghan Whigs, knowing him as far back as 1991. When Earle left that band he began jamming with Dandy. Around the same time, Brown would produce Supafuzz's first album and approach David Angstrom and John Garcia about participating, to whom which both agreed to join. Lastly, Brown would approach Mike Callahan at a Disengage concert about joining to which the five-piece lineup was complete.[7]

Hermano would release three studio albums in their initial run: ...Only A Suggestion (9 June 2002, Tee Pee Records), Dare I Say... (15 February 2004, Suburban Records) and ...Into The Exam Room (19 October 2007, Suburban Records). All three releases garnered positive reviews and the band toured Europe frequently between 2002 and 2007. The band would go on hiatus in 2008 but would perform a one-time reunion set at Hellfest in Clisson, France on 18 June 2016.

Garcia Plays Kyuss, Kyuss Lives! and Vista Chino (2010 - 2014)Edit

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Garcia Plays Kyuss

Garcia Plays Kyuss

After a couple years away from performing live music, in late 2009 it would be announced that John Garcia would be touring under the moniker Garcia Plays Kyuss (Or GPK as it's also abbreviated as.). The first announced date would be at Roadburn Festival on 16 April 2010[8], followed by an announced European tour from 28 May to 11 June.[9] Garcia would recruit guitarist Bruno Fevery (Arsenal) along with bassist Jacques de Haard and drummer Rob Snijders, formerly of Celestial Season and at the time playing in Agua de Annique.[10] The tour would culminate in an appearance at Hellfest, which featured Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork performing onstage with Garcia, reuniting 3/4 of the original Kyuss lineup.[11] Oliveri and Bjork would guest on several dates of the Garcia Plays Kyuss tour. Notably Garcia was working on a solo album back then entitled Garcia Vs. Garcia, but ultimately it would be put aside for other projects.

Garcia Plays Kyuss would continue touring Europe that July, including festival appearances at Stoned From The Underground, Rockwave and Pukkelpop before a short string of shows in October, the last date with this tour at Westend Indoor Festival on 30 and 31 October.[12][13] Behind the scenes Garcia, Oliveri and Bjork were in talks on expanding on the sporadic "reunion" and on 2 November 2010, officially announced Kyuss Lives!, announcing a string of European dates in March and April.[14] Bruno Fevery would be announced as the guitarist as Josh Homme showed no interest in participating in the project though the band openly stated that there "is no Kyuss without Josh Homme".[15] However according to an interview via Antiquiet conducted with Nick Oliveri he stated that Homme wasn't even asked. Kyuss Lives! followed with tours of Australia and New Zealand in May. They toured Europe in June 2011 and announced a North and South America tour for late Summer and Fall, 2011, with Scott Reeder playing many dates outside of the US (This was while Nick Oliveri was dealing with personal legal issues at the time). The tour wrapped up on New Year's Eve 2011 at Cherry Cola's Rock 'n' Rolla Cabaret and Lounge, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Kyuss Lives! expressed interest to record a new studio album for a summer 2012 release.[16][17]

In March 2012 it was revealed that Josh Homme (Eventually with Scott Reeder joining in on the lawsuit) had filed a federal lawsuit against John Garcia and Brant Bjork alleging "trademark infringement and consumer fraud" over the use of the Kyuss name. Nick Oliveri left Kyuss later that month, stating "managerial issues" and was replaced by Billy Cordell. Ultimately the court would rule in favor of Homme and Reeder, opting the band to change their name to Vista Chino. In November 2012, Nick Oliveri announced that he would be rejoining Kyuss Lives!. Kyuss Lives! played their final performances under that name at the Soundwave Festivals in 2013. However, Mike Dean played bass on all the 2013 Soundwave shows and sidewaves. Despite being in the recording sessions for Vista Chino's album, Oliveri had not been seen to actively participate with the band at that point, having not appeared in recent photoshoots or toured with the band. From 2012 - 2013 Mike Dean had been acting as the band's touring and session bassist, having played one track on the band's album, Peace, which was released on 3 September 2013. In August 2013, singer John Garcia said that Vista Chino "is a three-piece band with [himself], Brant [Bjork, drummer] and Bruno [Fevery, guitarist]. It always will be." but also described Oliveri as "an honorary band member". Vista Chino would tour Europe and North America through 2013 and Australia in early 2014.

Ultimately Vista Chino would disband due to conflicts between Garcia and Bjork. Ultimately the two would reconcile and imply a new album but choose to focus on their respective solo careers.

Solo Career (2014 - Present)Edit

Self-Titled Record (2014 - 2016)Edit

John Garcia and Band

John Garcia and his current band.

On 12 February 2014 it would be announced that John Garcia had signed a solo record deal with Napalm Records and had begun work on his first solo album, working with Harper Hug and Trevor Whatever.[18] Further details would surface that many of his past fellow musicians would contribute to the record such as Damon Garrison (Slo Burn), Chris Hale (Slo Burn), Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Vista Chino), Dandy Brown (Hermano), David Angstrom (Hermano), Gary Arce (Yawning Man) and Danko Jones. In April it would be announced that Robby Krieger (The Doors) would be contributing to the solo debut as a guest.[19] John Garcia would be released on 1 August 2014 to positive reviews from the likes of Blabbermouth[20] and The Sludgelord[21] among others. A music video for "My Mind" would be released on 15 July 2014.[22]

In an interview with Vice, John Garcia explained the makings of the first solo album, how he's had over forty songs saved over time for a possible solo record and working with Robby Krieger:

“Since I was 18, really. I’ve had some of these songs in a cardboard box that’s followed me forever, however many times I’ve moved out here in the desert. I’ve been settled for quite some time now, and I got tired of looking at this box. I had 44 songs just sitting there, and I felt bad for them. I said yes to so many other projects, you know? Vista Chino wanted me to do another record and I said no. Hermano wanted me to do another record, and I said no. Same with Unida. And it felt good to say no and finally say yes to this group of songs. I don’t mean that to sound selfish, but these were songs that were special to me. They weren’t b-sides or leftovers. So I finally went through them with my producers to pick the ones that we recorded for the album. I mean, talk about pent-up energy, to finally have some of these songs see the light of day. What a monumental moment—not for the world, but for me—to finally get these fuckin’ things out.

Yeah, the first song I wrote was when I was 19 living in Palm Springs with Nick Oliveri. It’s a song called “Her Bullets Energy.” And if somebody had told me back then that I’d release it when I was 43 years old and that Robby Krieger from the Doors would be playing on it, I would’ve told them they were out of their fuckin’ mind. Talk about a trip, man.

When we were picking through these songs, my producer Harper Hug said to me, “You know, I hear Spanish guitar on this track.” So I said, “Great idea. Do you know anyone who plays Spanish guitar?” And he said he knew Robby Krieger. I almost fell over in my chair. So he called Robby and sent him the track. Robby liked it, so the next thing you know we’re sitting in the studio recording with Robby Krieger. I mean, a living legend and a super-nice guy.

[If Robby was aware of Garcia's music] No. If he was, I didn’t know about it and I didn’t ask him about it. But it was great, man. He walked in with a guitar in one hand and a burrito in the other. He put the burrito down and went to work. We actually talked about golf more than anything else. I’m not a golfer, but in the Palm Springs area where I live, there’s a big retirement community and a lot of golf courses. Robby is an avid golfer, so he comes out here and plays some of the local courses quite a bit.”

— John Garcia, VICE [23]
JOHN GARCIA - My Mind (Official Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - My Mind (Official Video) Napalm Records


JOHN GARCIA feat. Robby Krieger - Her Bullets' Energy (Official Video) Napalm Records

During the production of the record Garcia would begin work finding a live band. The first person he would ask to join up would be guitarist Ehren Groban (War Drum, Waxy), whom toured with Garcia when Waxy opened for Kyuss Lives! in 2011. Three years later he would be invited to participate on a song for the first solo record, eventually play more than that and ultimately join John Garcia's band. The next musician recruited would be Mike Pygmie, who also performs with You Know Who, The Agents, Melodious Pygmies, The Whizards, Brant Bjork and The Bros and Mondo Generator. Though typically a guitarist he ended up fitting the bass roles as Groban described him as "multi-talented on so many instruments and (I) thought he’d be a good fit.". Pygmie would be hired upon jamming with the band and nailing "Demon Cleaner" on the first try. Lastly would be drummer Greg Seanz (Excel, The Dwarves, You Know Who), aged 20 at the time of joining when he nailed "Green Machine" on the first take.

Garcia would eventually name his backing band as The Band of Gold when he heard "Band of Gold" by Freda Payne, representing "the strong feeling and emotion" he has for songwriting. But it also encompassed the brilliance of his backing trio. In his own words he felt the band deserved the name.[24] Garcia and his band would tour Australia in support of the self-titled alongside Mammoth Mammoth and Waxy, then follow with a month-long tour of Europe alongside Steak and Komatsu. The majority of the band's set would be from the album but also feature a selection of Kyuss and Slo Burn tunes.

John Garcia would tour Europe again the next summer while incorporating various one-off shows in California (5 June in Palm Desert,[25] 8 August in Pioneertown,[26] and 1 November in Los Angeles.)[27] before announcing an acoustic European tour with Ehren Groban on second acoustic that December.[28] In 2016 Garcia would tour acoustic through Europe along with a handful of full band dates.

The Coyote Who Spoke in Tongues and The Band of Gold (2017 - Present)Edit

JOHN GARCIA - Kylie (Official Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Kylie (Official Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Give Me 250ml (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Give Me 250ml (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Jim's Whiskers (Official Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Jim's Whiskers (Official Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Chicken Delight (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

JOHN GARCIA - Chicken Delight (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

On 6 October 2016 it would be announced that Garcia had a second album finished, working with engineers Steve Feldman and Robbie Waldman along with his full backing band. Notably this second record would be an acoustic album with a selection of re-recorded Kyuss songs, described by Garcia as "one of the most important of my career, difficult and challenging to do, but worth every minute of sweat!".[29] On 16 December 2016 a music video for the song "Kylie" would be released to promote the album.[30] In an interview with Metal Assault, Garcia would speak about the process in making the acoustic album:

“ I didn’t overthink anything. It was simply just because I wanted to do it. Couple of years ago I thought about doing an acoustic little tour, and Ehren and I decided to try it out, to see if it could actually work. It wound up to be a lot more difficult than I had imagined, but it also wound up to be a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought it was going to be. So, we wanted to capture what we did live on a record, and that’s simply how this album came to be.

[On selecting songs] We had quite a few to choose from. We even had some Hermano songs that we were going to do. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t, and Andrew, that was the enjoyable part of working on this record, picking and choosing the songs and working through them. That was the really cool part of it. It was loosely based on just us getting in a room and jamming.”

— John Garcia, Metal Assault [31]

The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues would see it's release on 27 January 2017 to largely positive reviews from the likes of Blabbermouth,[32] Angry Metal Guy,[33] The Obelisk,[34] Metal Temple,[35] and The Heavy Chronicles[36] among others. Garcia would tour Unplugged through February and March in support of the album. Following an American-exclusive release show on 7 April in Palm Springs[37] the full band would tour that Spring which included marquee appearances at DesertFest London and DesertFest Berlin. Following an Australian acoustic tour in 2018, work would begin on the next solo record. Originally Garcia would open his own studio and work with two engineers but ultimately the studio would close, causing numerous frustrations. Garcia would re-locate the recording process to Rancho de la Luna with Chris Goss producing, whom Garcia would cite as the man who saved the record.[38]

In an interview with Kerrang!, Garcia would detail the complications in his third solo album:

“Between November 2017 up until September 2018 it was hell trying to organise under a tremendous amount of pressure. First of all, two studios in Palm Springs shut down. Where was I gonna record it? How was I gonna record it? I decided to open up a little place of my own up in the high desert sandwiched between where I’m at in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree in a little town called Yucca Valley. Actually, the room sounded quite nice, but a couple of the guys I went into this with weren’t equal to the task – not fully committed. I closed my place down. Meanwhile, I’ve got the record company breathing down my throat. My career as a veterinary technician – a hospital manager – taking a toll. Everyone in my family took a back seat. But I had to finish this record. I was committed to it – contractually committed. [Producer] Chris Goss came on-board and we moved production to Rancho De La Luna. There were some great parts in there. Writing the music with the guys was great. But the logistics are not what I do. I sing, I write. I don’t open studios. I found that out the hard way. We’ve just kind of barrelled through it all. I’ve never had a record cause as much havok in my life as this one. Making records is supposed to be fun, it’s not supposed to be stressful.”
— John Garcia, Metal Assault [39]

The third solo album, titled John Garcia and The Band of Gold (Also cited by Garcia in his opinion as his "first true solo album") would be announced on 22 October 2018, described in some interviews as a "simple rock record with a lot of ethnic influences".[40][41] A lyric video for "Chicken Delight" would be released on 2 November 2018 while a music video would be released for "Jim's Whiskers" on 7 December 2018. Notably The Band of Gold would play a special exclusive set at Vinyl in Las Vegas on 29 November 2018.[42] John Garcia and The Band of Gold would be released on 4 January 2019 to positive reception from the likes of The Obelisk,[43] Ghost Cult Magazine,[44] Maximum Volume Music,[45] Blabbermouth[46] and More Fuzz[47] just to name a few.

After rescheduling for January and February, John Garcia and the Band of Gold would tour Europe in support of the new album. This would follow by several exclusive US festival dates such as Planet Desert Rock Weekend,[48] Idyllwild Strong[49] and Muddy Roots Music Festival[50] before embarking on a string of South American dates. Initially upon the release of the Band of Gold album Garcia had stated uncertainty as to whether he'd make another album but ultimately had changed his mind and alluded to a follow-up in the works.

Solo Lineup, Current MembersEdit

  • John Garcia - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (2010 - Present)
  • Ehren Groban - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar (2014 - Present)
  • Mike Pygmie - Bass (2014 - Present)
  • Greg Seanz - Drums (2014 - Present)

Solo Lineup, Past MembersEdit

  • Bruno Fevery - Guitar (2010)
  • Jacques de Haard - Bass (2010)
  • Rob Snijders - Drums (2010)
  • Nick Oliveri - Bass (2010; Select Dates)
  • Brant Bjork - Drums (2010; Select Dates)

Personal LifeEdit

Garcia currently resides in California. Notably John Garcia is also passionate about animals and has worked in several jobs related to animals in his lifetime, such as pet stores and no-kill shelters. Currently when not touring he often works at the Palm Springs Animal Hospital in the field of veterinary medicine with his wife. Garcia is married with two children.[51][52][53]



  • Kyuss - Vocals (1989 - 1996)
  • Slo Burn - Vocals (1996 - 1997, 2017)
  • Unida - Vocals (1998 - 2004, 2012 - ?)
  • Hermano - Vocals (1998 - 2008, 2016)
  • Vista Chino - Vocals (2010 - 2013 (As Kyuss Lives!), 2013 - 2014)
  • John Garcia - Vocals (2010 (As John Garcia Plays Kyuss), 2013 - Present)

List of Solo ToursEdit

  • Garcia Plays Kyuss (As Garcia Plays Kyuss; Select dates with Brant Bjork) (2010)[54][55][56]
  • 2014 Australian Tour (With Waxy, Mammoth Mammoth) (2014)[57]
  • Playing Past to Present - From Slo Burn To Kyuss (With Komatsu, Steak) (2014)[58]
  • El Gallito (With White Miles) (2015)[59]
  • 2015 European Tour (With Bellhound Choir) (2015)[60]
  • 2016 European Tour (With Bellhound Choir) (2016)[61]
  • Coyote Unplugged Tour 2017 (2017)[62]
  • 2017 European Tour (2017)[63]
  • 2018 Australian Acoustic Tour (2018)[64][65]
  • John Garcia and The Band of Gold European Tour (With Dead Quiet) (2019)[66]
  • August/September 2019 Shows (2019)[67]
  • John Garcia and The Band of Gold Australian Tour (2020)[68]

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