Into Darkness
Into Darkness
Studio album by Winter
Released 1990
Recorded April and May 1990 at S.O.S. Studios in Hempstead, New York
Genre Death/Doom
Length 46:07
Label Future Shock
Producer Markus Staiger, Steven Manney, Greg Marchak
Winter chronology
Into Darkness
Eternal Frost

Into Darkness is the only studio album released by the New York death/doom band Winter, released initially in 1990 via Future Shock Records, with several reissues over the years. Despite it's initial release keeping them at underground status, Into Darkness would attain a cult following and be regarded as a seminal, pioneering release in the death/doom genre. Retroactively the album has attained significant praise and was ranked as #14 on The Village Voice's Top 20 New York Hardcore and Metal Albums of all time,[1] along with ranking #13 on Decibel Magazine's Top 100 Doom Metal Albums of All Time.[2]


Following the release of the band's first demo, recording began again with engineer Greg Marchak at S.O.S. Studios, with mastering at The Hit Factory in New York City by Tom Coyne. Initially the album was released in 1990 via Future Shock Records on CD and Cassette, but the label folded soon after due to debt problems (Notably most sites list Into Darkness as the only release on Future Shock.).[3] According to a 1992 interview with Metal Hammer Thrash Extra the band intentionally chose the worst label deal possible and simply weren't ambitious at the time. Notably the band cites they had an offer from Earache Records in 1990 but outright refused once the label suggested a five-year contract and the label controlling aspects such as album art and the band's image. Winter also broke up not long after the release of Into Darkness, citing no financial backing and that the band "had become a sideline".[4]

Nuclear Blast Records would license the record for a reissue in 1992 on CD, Cassette and Vinyl, giving the band a worldwide platform despite no longer being active. Some reissues of Into Darkness would be packaged with the 1994 EP Eternal Frost, the first notable release of this sort appearing in 1999.

The first major reissue of Into Darkness would be composed by Southern Lord Records on 12 April 2011 to coincide with the band's reunion appearance at the 2011 edition of Roadburn Festival curated by Sunn O))). This reissue would exclusively feature the album, fully remastered and with an eighteen-page "zine"-style booklet with flyers and posters. This re-issue saw a vinyl release limited to 1000 copies (700 Black, 300 White).

On 14 February 2020, along with announcing a new project in Goden and their upcoming debut album Beyond Darkness on 7 May it would be announced that Winter would release a 30th anniversary re-issue of Into Darkness, featuring Eternal Frost as a second disc/LP and a 32-page booklet with every bit of Winter memorabilia and press clipping that could be found from that era. This reissue will be released as a 2CD and a 2LP limited to 1000 copies (600 Black, 400 Clear).[5]

Into Darkness has attained significant praise from a wide range of critics, albeit retroactively and many of which reviewing the album around the time of the 2011 reissue. Drowned In Sound, awarding the album a 9/10, observing the gamechanging nature of the album and making comparisons to Hellhammer, Amebix, Celtic Frost and Gluey Porch Treatments by Melvins, closing by stating it's a mandatory purchase.[6] Other reviewers who gave praise to the record would be Metal Storm (9/10),[7] Your Last Rites,[8] ATTN:Magazine,[9] Sputnik Music (4.5/5)[10] and The Sleeping Shaman[11] just to name a few.

Winter - Into Darkness (FULL ALBUM)

Winter - Into Darkness (FULL ALBUM)


All music written by John Alman & Stephen Flam.

  • 1. Oppression Freedom / Oppression (Reprise) (5:57)
  • 2. Servants of The Warsmen (4:24)
  • 3. Goden (8:18)
  • 4. Power and Might (2:44)
  • 5. Destiny (8:31)
  • 6. Eternal Frost (6:47)
  • 7. Into Darkness (9:26)


  • John Alman - Bass, Vocals
  • Stephen Flam - Guitars
  • Joe Goncalves - Drums, Lyrics
  • Tony Pinnisi - Keyboards
  • Greg Marchak - Engineering, Mixing, Producer
  • Tom Coyne - Mastering
  • Steven Manney - Executive Producer
  • Markus Staiger - Executive Producer
  • Veronica Kross - Artwork
  • Ron Grimaldi - Liner Notes (Southern Lord Reissue)
  • Patrick Delaney' - Artwork (Southern Lord Reissue)
  • Stephen O'Malley - Design (Southern Lord Reissue)

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