Infinite Flux
Background information
Origin Tacoma, Washington, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
Years active 2012 - 2017
Associated acts Terrasone, Sky Penis, Ancient Warlocks

Infinite Flux was a stoner rock/metal quartet based out of Tacoma, Washington. Active between 2012 and 2017 this band released a single album in their tenure, largely performing in the Washington state area.


Infinite Flux would form in 2012 with the founding lineup of Kennedy, Hoffman, Fierro and Chase. The band's earliest known show would take place on 15 July 2013,[1] followed by several more shows in Seattle and Tacoma over the next couple years. This would include the inaugural show at The Valley in Tacoma[2] and several local gigs.[3]

Following the release of a single entitled "Prophecy Number Three" in 2013 work would begin on a debut album. The eponymous debut entitled Infinite Flux saw it's release on 2 January 2016, attaining praise from the likes of Outlaws of the Sun,[4] Metal Reality[5] and Ripple Music's blog to name a few.[6] A vinyl release party would follow on 18 June 2016.[7]

On 4 December 2017 it would be announced that Ryder Hoffman would be stepping down from Infinite Flux due to health issues. However the band only posted a few more times on social media and hasn't posted anything since 24 December 2017, implying they are no longer active.[8] The band's last gig was on 13 October 2017 supporting Witch Ripper.[9]

Infinite Flux "Infinite Flux" (Full Album) 2016 Stoner Doom Metal

Infinite Flux "Infinite Flux" (Full Album) 2016 Stoner Doom Metal


  • Prophecy Number Three (Single) (2013, Self-Released)
  • Infinite Flux (Studio Album) (2016, Self-Released)


  • John Kennedy - guitars/vocals (2012 - 2017)
  • Ryder Hoffman - drums (2012 - 2017)
  • Dan Fierro - guitars (2012 - 2017)
  • Darren Chase - bass (2012 - 2017)

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