Background information
Origin Somerset/ Devon, UK
Genres Sludge Metal, Post-Rock, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
Years active 2013 - present
Associated acts Striga
Current members Charlie Dowzell

Tim Kazer Kynan Scott Tom Coles

Past members Perrie Codling
Band Logo
Husk logo 2k15 black

Husk are a sludge/ post-metal band formed in 2013 by Charlie Dowzell, Tim Kazer, Perrie Codling and Tom Coles from the ashes of trad-metal band Theories of Revolution. They are influenced by sludge metal bands such as Mastodon, Red Fang, Baroness and Torche, plus stoner rock bands such as Sleep and Kyuss. They feature heavy use of guitar and vocal harmonies in addition to long, atmospheric passages.


Husk formed in 2013. Their debut LP, Seven Pyramids, was self-released in July 2013, having been mixed and recorded by Jan Forster. The band then focused on playing shows with the likes of My Silent Wake, Space Witch, Ossyian, Monolithian and Sea Bastard. Following the release bassist Perrie Codling left and was replaced in 2014 by Kynan Scott after a number of stand-in friends and musicians from other bands, including Addam Westlake of My Silent Wake and Striga.

In 2015 they released a split EP with Striga and continued to play countrywide shows, including supporting international touring bands Botanist and Kayo Dot in 2015 and As a Conceit in 2016.

All their artwork is supplied by artist and friend Elle Romaine (Umbrelle).

An as-yet-untitled full-length is slated for 2016.


  • 2013 - 7 Pyramids LP
  • 2015 - Upon His Mountain split EP (w/ Striga)


Current MembersEdit

Charlie Dowzell

Tim Kazer

Kynan Scott

Tom Coles

Former MembersEdit

Perrie Codling


"Their heavines comes in waves and crashes like the roaring surf of the ocean. There’s this proggy, post-rock element to their otherwise marching doom metal and muddy sludge. Which makes it all highly dynamic and it’s savory and august and we like it."

" I found their compositions to be complex and deep, while being brutal, they are still atmospheric and gloomy. The guitar work is simply delightful as the vocals enchant your ears with a melancholic tune or attack them with deep growls. The drumming is almost ritualistic, adding more hypnotic elements to this amazing band. Truly an astonishing work."

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