House of Aquarius
The Eleventh House
The House of Aquarius
Background information
Origin Sweden
Genres Stoner Rock
Years active 2001 - 2004
Labels P.O.P. Music, Daredevil, Electric Magic
Associated acts Year of The Goat
Website Facebook Tribute Page

House of Aquarius were a short-lived Swedish stoner rock band active from 2001-2004, best known for their style heavily influenced in 70s hard rock.


House Of Aquarius was a Swedish band that saw the light of day in 2001. Jamming on a few ideas guitar player Thomas Eriksson brought to the table led to a three song demo that was set free to explore the world. A bunch of pretty nice reviews, airplay and some label interest came out of that demo and shortly resulted in one more demo. Daredevil Records suggested an album release and the band thought it sounded like a good idea and recorded the album in 2002.

The World Through Bloodshot Eyes was released in 2003 and followed by two shorter tours in Sweden and in Germany. The first press of the album was sold out within a short time period while the band was writing and recording for a new album. One song, “Awaiting The Sunrise” found its way on to a compilation released by Daredevil Records, Burn The Streets Volume IV. To release a song in the company of such great acts as Mastodon, Entombed, Alabama Thunderpussy and others, was a great experience for the new, relatively unknown, band, especially since their doomy waltz, on the compilation, was noticed and praised by several critics.

Unfortunately a last minute cancellation of a tour and personal issues led to House of Aquarius disbanding in 2004.

In 2013, The World Through Bloodshot Eyes was re-released by Electric Magic Records. This time on limited vinyl formats, probably the only proper way to enjoy this fuzzy-retro-rocking-four piece from Sweden.


  • Promo 1 (2001, Self-Released)
  • House of Aquarius (2002, P.O.P. Music)
  • The World Through Bloodred Eyes (2003, Daredevil Music)


  • Jens Gustavsson - Drums
  • Lars Hultman - Bass
  • Thomas Erikkson - Guitars
  • Mikael Popovic - Vocals

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