Background information
Origin Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA
Genres Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal
Years active 2008 - Present
Labels Ripple Music, HellMistress Records
Associated acts Vukari, Cairn, Vit, Sothoros, Locusta, Endless Vomit
Website Horseburner Official

Horseburner are a stoner metal band based out of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Forming in 2008, this quartet blends elements of sludge, heavy metal and riff-driven rock and roll to compose a sound shaped by a foundation of DIY ethic, gritty production, fuzzy riffs and burly vocals.[1]

Since their formation Horseburner have released three studio albums amid a host of other releases, all while frequently touring the United States. They are currently signed to Ripple Music.


Horseburner would be founded in 2008 by guitarists Jack Thomas and Zach Kaufman, along with drummer Adam Nohe and bassist Spenser Morris. Prior to the band's formation the quartet were involved with many local groups, including To Kill or Cure.[2] The band's earliest known show would take place in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio.[3] Working at Belldandy Studios and Promptus Soundworks, the band would release a half-hour length EP in Dirt City circa 6 November 2009, gaining buzz from some publications such as Doom-Mantia.[4] Rob Howard would join on bass not long after it's release.

Along with several local shows early on, Horseburner would embark on their first tour in 2011[5][6] and release two demos before following up with another EP in Strange Giant circa 8 November 2013. In the space leading up to their first album Horseburner had managed to share the stage with the likes of ASG, Cough, Chum, Byzantine, Skeletonwitch, Weedeater, Corrosion of Conformity, and Prong just to name a few. The band would embark on more touring through 2015 all the while the band would record their debut album through the fall of that year, with Thomas engineering, David Klug providing mastering and David McKie providing artwork.

Horseburner's debut album Dead Seeds, Barren Soil on 8 July 2016 (And later a vinyl issue in 2017 via HellMistress Records), gaining positive reception from several publications.[7][8][9] The same day of release the band would host a release party in their native Parkersburg the same day, Horseburner would embark on a month long tour in support of the new album,[10] along with an appearance at the inaugural Doomed & Stoned Festival.[11]

To further support Dead Seeds, Barren Soil Horseburner would tour the next spring alongside Stonecutters, followed by appearances at Blackout Cookout[12] and the inaugural Descendants of Crom.[13] The extensive touring would continue with a new bassist in Seth Bostick. The band would tour extensively in 2018, making appearances at Firebreather Fest, The Maryland Doom Fest and Doomed & Stoned Ohio among others.

Horseburner would announce in the Spring that they had signed with Ripple Music to release their second album, along with Premiering a new single in "Hand of Gold, Man of Stone". It would also be announced that Nick Burks (Stonecutters, War Cloud) would be filling in for several of those dates and that the 18 May show at Ace of Cups would be Zach Kaufman's last with the band.[14] Following the tour the band would attain a new guitarist in Matt Strobel. On 17 July 2019 the band would premiere another new song in "Fisherman's Vow".[15]

The Thief would see release on 9 August 2019 to a wide range of critical praise from the likes of Outlaws of The Sun,[16] Heavy Blog Is Heavy,[17] Indy Metal Vault,[18] The Obelisk,[19] Maximum Volume Music[20] and Ghost Cult Magazine[21] just to name a few. Horseburner would tour extensively in the fall to support The Thief, with some dates alongside Worshipper.[22] By the end of the year the band would have played in thirty-seven different states.[23]

Following a string of shows in February the band would have several shows intended for the Spring including Descendants of Crom, a showcased curated by Shadebeast and the band's first shows in Europe, including RippleFest Cologne. However many of these events would be postponed due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic.


Current MembersEdit

  • Adam Nohe - Drums, Vocals (2008 - Present)
  • Jack Thomas - Guitars, Vocals (2008 - Present)
  • Seth Bostick - Bass (2017 - Present)
  • Matt Strobel - Guitar (2019 - Present)

Past MembersEdit

  • Zach Kaufman - Guitars (2008 - 2019)
  • Spenser Morris - Bass (2008 - 2009)
  • Rob Howard - Bass, Vocals (2010 - 2016)
  • Zeb Dye - Live Guitar (July 2018 Tour)
  • Nick Burks - Live Guitar (Spring 2019 Tour)


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Dead Seeds, Barren Soil (Studio Album) (2016, Self-Released)
  • The Thief (Studio Album) (2019, Ripple Music)

Other ReleasesEdit

  • Dirt City (Studio Album) (2009, Self-Released)
  • 2011 Summer Demo (Demo) (2011, Self-Released)
  • Demo 2012 (Demo) (2012, Self-Released)
  • Strange Giant (EP) (2013, Self-Released)

List of Known ToursEdit

  • June 2011 Tour (2011)[24]
  • June 2015 Mini-Tour (2015)[25]
  • Summer 2015 Tour (2015)[26]
  • Summer Tour 2016 (2016)[27]
  • Stoneburner (With Stonecutters) (2017)[28]
  • Wild Wild Midwest (Select dates with Pillars, Archarus, Heavy Temple) (2018)[29]
  • Summer 2018 Tour (Select dates with Akula, Blind Scryer) (2018)[30]
  • Spring 2019 Tour (Select dates with Ghastly Sound) (2019)[31]
  • August 2019 Mini-Tour (2019)[32]
  • The Thief September/October Tour (2019)[33]
  • The Thief November Tour (With Worshipper) (2019)[34]
  • February 2020 Mini-Tour (With Torrents) (2020)[35]

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