Dopethrone - Hochelaga
Studio album by Dopethrone
Released April 13, 2015
Genre Sludge metal
Doom metal
Stoner metal
Length 41:21
Label Totem Cat Records
Producer Jean-Baptiste Joubaud
Dopethrone chronology
Transcanadian Anger

Hochelaga is the fourth album by the Canadian sludge metal band Dopethrone. It was released on April 13, 2015.

Release and Reception Edit

Released digitally through Bandcamp by the band on April 13, 2015. French label Totem Cat Records has since issued numerous coloured vinyl pressings of the album as well a CD. In 2019 a limited run of 50 cassettes was sold by the band while on tour and later via Bandcamp.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Sludgekicker"   4:37
2. "Chameleon Witch"   7:03
3. "Vagabong"   6:05
4. "Scum Fuck Blues"   4:29
5. "Dry Hitter"   6:15
6. "Bullets"   6:14
7. "Riff Dealer"   6:38
Total length:

Personnel Edit

  • Victor "Vyk" Daigle – bass
  • Vincent Houde – guitar, vocals
  • Carl Borman – drums

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