Hijo de la Tormenta
Hijo de la Tormenta
Background information
Origin Córdoba, Argentina
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Post-Rock
Years active 2011 - Present
Labels Venado Records, Volante Discos
Website Facebook

Hijo de la Tormenta are a psych rock/post-rock group from Córdoba, Argentina. Active since 2011, the band has made a mark in the stoner circles, attaining positive praise from the likes of The Obelisk and The Sludgelord among other critics. Having released two albums and two EPs to date since their formation, Santiago Ludueña is the sole original member who has handled every instrument at some point during the band's evolving lineup.


Hijo de la Tormenta had formed sometime in May 2011, founded by Ludueña and Ferrero. Eventually this duo would record four songs in May 2012 and add a third member, with their earliest known shows on 4 May 2012 (Vaako Bar, with Abisales)[1] and on 2 June 2012 (Club Belle Epoque, with Abisales and Volva)[2]. The band's debut EP Simple 5/12 saw release that July, with the band doing more shows in the Argentina area. The band performed more shows in their home country before releasing their eponymous debut on 22 September 2014. This album would gain the band more worldwide attention though the band mainly played in South America.

Following a show with Yawning Man in June 2015, the band would release a live EP entitled En vivo en Beunos Aires recorded on that evening. Following lineup changes with Ludueña on drums and a new cast of performers the band began work on a second album, displaying a further evolution on their sound. El Manto de la Especie would be released on 19 February 2016 to widespread praise from Spanish and English critics, along with a release party on 9 April 2016 at Casa Babylon Club.[3] The band currently remains active and regularly performs in Córdoba.


  • Simple 5/12 (EP) (2012, Self-Released)
  • Hijo de la Tormenta (Studio Album) (2014, Venado Records)
  • En vivo en Buenos Aires - 20​/​06​/​2015 (Live EP) (2015, Self-Released)
  • El Manto de la Especie (Studio Album) (2016, Volante Discos)


  • Santiago Ludueña - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (2011 - 2014); drums (2014 - Present)
  • Jean Cruz Ledesma - Guitar, Vocals (2014 - Present)
  • Guido Di Carlo - Bass (2014 - Present)
  • Fabricio Morás - Keyboards (2014 - Present)
  • Nicolas Ferrero - Drums (2011 - 2014)


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