Highlands Taproom
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The Highlands Taproom (Also referred to as the "New Old Taproom").
Background information
Founded 2000 - 2013 (Original Location); 2014 - Present (New Location)
Capacity 75 - 100
Location Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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The Highlands Taproom is a dive bar in Louisville, Kentucky that formerly hosted a "Metal Monday" to showcase independent or otherwise unknown metal bands, some of which in the stoner & doom genres.


The Highlands Taproom began on Bardstown Road in 2000, hosting karaoke and local bands in the general area on occasion. In 2013, a spin-off began at the Taproom entitled "Metal Mondays" which would feature one or two heavy metal bands after Crescent Hill Radio's "RiotHeart" (Previously known as "Keep Louisville Loud" and the name of the Tuesday showcases at the venue, primarily featuring Louisville bands.). The first metal monday hosted at the original Taproom would be The Revenants, a gothic rock/black metal band, followed by Louisville sludge/thrash band Stonecutters. Only about three or four Metal Mondays were hosted at the original location.

In 2014, the Taproom moved to a different section of Bardstown Road in the Highlands area but still maintaining the typical live schedule, including Metal Mondays. Though the Metal Monday showcases feature bands of any metal genre and typically bands in the surrounding Kentucky area, it has featured various Doom, Stoner or Sludge bands. On a few occasions metal shows have happened on other nights. All shows at the Taproom are free though bands are free to sell merchandise.

On 9 March 2020 the venue would host Lich King, Toxic Ruin and Stonecutters for a rare triple-band Metal Monday. However The CO-VID19 Pandemic would follow and several bands would cancel, along with the state of Kentucky shutting down to prevent the numbers from spiking. On 10 July 2020 it would be announced that Metal Mondays had come to an end, notably with all of the bookers associated with the event no longer working with the Taproom. The Highlands' Taproom still remains active as a bar.

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NOTE: This is only a list of select performances at both incarnations of the Taproom.

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