Hesper Payne
Hesper Payne
Background information
Origin Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
Genres Doom metal, Death/Doom, Sludge Metal, Gothic Metal
Years active 2004 – 2014, 2016 – Present
Labels Works of Ein
Associated acts My Dying Bride, Conan, An Axis of Perdition, Acritarch, Halo of The Sun, Kult of Eihort, Mine[thorn], Phaleg, Noed, Crabsu, Irradiant, Pulsefear, Void of Silence, Today The Sun Dies, Vortex Syndrome, Today The Sun Dies, Boltdown, FR8, Blasphemer, Morte Lune, The Deathtrip, Thine, Kryokill, Bal-Sagoth
Current members Ian Fenwick
Brooke Johnson
J. C. Martense
Ant Smith
Jon Sands
Alexandra Durning
Past members Steven Chamberlain
Dan "Storm" Mullins
Richard Pickman
Mike McCarthy

Hesper Payne are an English death-doom band from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The band takes its lyrical inspiriation from the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Northern-English mythology and folklore, weaving elements of both together to create a unique world of their own.

Formed in 2004 by vocalist / guitarist Brooke Johnson and bassist Ian Fenwick, they have released a number of EP’s, though struggling to find a full lineup has kept live activities to a minimum. Every aspect of recording and art is self produced.

Hesper Payne went on hiatus in 2014, but reformed in 2016.

Members Edit

Current members Edit

  • Ian Fenwick – bass (2004–14, 2016–present)
  • Brooke Johnson – guitar (2004–14, 2016–present)
  • J. C. Martense – bass
  • Ant Smith – drums (2010–present)
  • Jon Sands – guitar (2010–present)
  • Alexandra Durning – keyboards (2010–present)

Past members Edit

  • Steven Chamberlain – drums
  • Dan "Storm" Mullins – drums
  • Richard Pickman – drums
  • Mike McCarthy – guitar

Discography Edit

Demos Edit

  • Dreamer in the Deep (2006)

Studio albums Edit

EPs Edit

  • Titans of the Northsea (2008)
  • The Strange Tale of Samuel Gonzalez (2012)
  • Beneath the Alum Shale (2012)

Compilations Edit

  • Relics from the Deep Dark Woods (2009)

Splits Edit

Singles Edit

  • "The Shadow of Hesper Payne" (2016)

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