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Current Status Defunct (As of 2019)

Hellride Music Forums was a website, forum and label established in the late 2000s. Though largely dedicated to all forms of heavy music (As the forum had individual pages for classic heavy metal) but also hosted a sizable doom metal forum and individual pages for specific bands. The doom metal forum in particular hosted many musicians within the Circle of True Doom group. Circle of True Doom (abbr. C.O.T.D.) was founded by Tom Phillips (While Heaven Wept) and Albert Witchfinder (Reverend Bizarre) in the early 2000s to differentiate "traditional" doom metal bands from other subgenres. Several bands joined, like The Gates of Slumber, with the acronym C.O.T.D. appearing on their releases. The forums would also be used as a platform to promote doom events within the Finnish, Indianapolis and Maryland doom circles. The website itself also hosted several reviews and interviews throughout their run.

Notably the site also functioned as a label for a brief time, releasing two known releases: Reverend Bizarre/Orodruin in 2004 and Like a Plague Upon The Land by The Gates of Slumber in 2005. The label would close but the distributor side of the label would remain, relocating to Connecticut before ultimately closing in 2017. The site itself would be retired in late July 2018.[1]

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  1. Hellride Facebook
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