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Hell Comes To Your Heart
Hell Comes to Your Heart
Cover for the LP version.
Studio album by Mondo Generator
Released July 3 2012
Recorded 17 - 19 November 2010 at Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, California
Genre Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Punk Rock
Length 37:59
Label Mondo Media, Cobraside Distribution
Producer Mondo Generator, Harper Hug
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Hell Comes To Your Heart
Mondo Generator / The Chuck Norris Experiment

Hell Comes To Your Heart is the fourth studio album by Mondo Generator, released via Mondo Media and Cobraside Distribution in July 2012.


Work on Hell Comes To Your Heart dates back to 2010, when the album was recorded in three days at Josh Homme's Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, with Justin Smith handling the recording. To promote the upcoming album, a 7" EP was released on 10 April 2011 with four songs from the album. Using his personal label with a distributor, Hell Comes To Your Heart saw release on CD and LP, the latter with alternate artwork.

Notably it's the first album to feature Oliveri and Josh Homme working together since Oliveri's firing from Queens of the Stone Age in 2004. "The Last Train" features not just Homme but also John Garcia, all three of whom played in Kyuss together. This song was recorded before Homme would file the lawsuit on Garcia and Brant Bjork.

Hell Comes To Your Heart would receive positive critical reception with the band touring in support of the record alongside the likes of Saviours, Wino, Clutch and Valient Thorr among others.


  • 1. Dead Silence (2:23) (Nick Oliveri, Hoss Wright)
  • 2. The Way I Let You Down (3:06) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 3. Burn The Bridge (3:39) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 4. Won't Let Go (3:59) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 5. Like The Sky (3:04) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 6. This Isn't Love (2:52) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 7. The Dirt Beneath (2:57) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 8. Hang 'em High (3:12) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 9. Central Nervous System High School (2:48) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 10. Smashed Apart (3:15) (Oliveri, Wright)
  • 11. Night Calls (2:44) (Oliveri, Wright, Dahlia)
  • 12. The Last Train (4:00)


  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lead Vocals, Producer
  • Ian Taylor - Lead Guitar (3, 5, 9), Backing Vocals (3, 9)
  • Hoss Wright - Drums
  • Chris Henry - Guitar (2, 12)
  • Marc Diamond - Lead Guitar (2, 5, 11), Slide Guitar (8)
  • C.J. Ramone - Backing Vocals (2)
  • Brendon Henderson - Lead Guitar (4, 6, 7, 9)
  • John Garcia - Backing Vocals (4, 12)
  • Michele Madden - Additional Vocals (6)
  • Blag Dahlia aka Blag The Ripper - Vocals (11)
  • Sasha Mobster - Vocals (11)
  • Josh Homme - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (12)
  • H.P. - Lacquer Cut
  • Justin Smith - Recording
  • Harper Hug - Mixing, Producer
  • Howie Weinberg - Mastering

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