Heavy Days in Doomtown
Heavy Days in Doomtown
Poster for the final edition in 2015.
Background information
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal
Date(s) May
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue(s) Various
Years active 2012 - 2015
Website Official Facebook

Heavy Days in Doomtown was a festival held in Copenhagen, Denmark and described as "A DIY celebration of all things slow and heavy". This festival would last for four editions spanning between 2012 and 2015.



The inaugural edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown would be held between 3 and 6 May 2012 in Copenhagen at various venues. The first day of the festival (Thursday 3 May) would be held at the alternative venue Stengade. This night also had exhibitions by graphic artists David V. D'andrea, Glyn Scrawled and The 13th Sign Collective. The main festival would be hosted Ungsomshuset, Dortheavej 61. The main days would feature two stages and an outdoor area, 10 bands per day plus vegan foodstands, merch area, happenings, artinstallations, projections and more. Lastly on 6 May will be a cooldown day in Copenhagens freetown Christiania with moviescreenings at Christianias cinema, Byens Lys, accoustic outdoor jam, liveshows, food and drinks at Café Månefiskeren and the final concert at Loppen.[1]

Thursday 3 MayEdit

Burning Saviours

Friday 4 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Jess and The Ancient Ones Profetus
Wounded Kings Bretus
Jex Thoth Aguirre
Devil Sinister Creation

Saturday 5 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Worship Skogen Brinner
Noothgrush Bottom Feeder
Lord Vicar Ocean Chief
Solstice Pyramido
Griftegård Black Oath

Sunday 6 MayEdit

Loppen Café Månefiskeren
Coffins Øresund Space Collective
Aldebaran Lynched and Friends (now Lankum)


The second edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown between 2 and 5 May 2013. Expanding on the previous edition the festival would hold their usual pre-fest at Stengade but expand the two-stage main fest to the remaining three days.[2]

Thursday 2 MayEdit

High Priest of Saturn
Bottom Feeder

Friday 3 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Samothrace Belzebong
Conan Bell Witch
Procession Saturnalia Temple
Siena Root Alunah
Toner Low

Saturday 4 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Graves at Sea Heat
Mournful Congregation Meth Drinker
Pagan Altar Shadow of the Torturer
Cough Lecherous Gaze
Danava Skraeckoedlan

Sunday 5 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Moss Øresund Space Collective
feat. Tom Sutton
Kadavar Dark Buddha Rising
Saturnus Resonaut
Troubled Horse Nocturnal


The third edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown would be held between 1 and 4 May 2014 in Copenhagen. The Thursday edition would this time be hosted at Loppen instead of Stengade. Notably this edition would add DJs over the weekend, performing in the area between each of the stages.DJ Acid Cloak would host on Thursday and Saturday while DJ Rockadelica would host on Friday and Sunday.[3]

Thursday 1 MayEdit

Eagle Twin
Yuri Gagarin

Friday 2 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Dwellers in Twilight

Performed by Aldebaran
and Shadow of The Torturer

Glitter Wizard
Loss Noctum
Abysmal Grief Leachfeast
Dread Sovereign Vidunder
Oranssi Pazuzu

Saturday 3 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Skepticism Doublestone
Sourvein Nightslug
Graves at Sea Witchsorrow
The Body Dopelord
Isole Demon Head

Sunday 4 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Windhand Uzala
Baby Woodrose The Graviators
Sabbath Assembly Goatess
Of The Wind and The Moon Purple Hill Witch


The fourth and final edition of Heavy Days in Doomtown would be held between 30 April and 3 May 2015 at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. Like previous editions the Thursday pre-fest would be held at Loppen (and sell out). Like the previous year the festival would host DJs assigned to each day: DJ Martin Mordor on 30 April, DJ Jennie-Ann on 1 May and DJ Rockadelica on 3 May.

Special bands would be assigned to the lobby area known as Biblioteket: Kati Knox on 1 May, Ill Wicker performing an acoustic set on 2 May and Myreskær on 3 May.

It would be announced in advance that this would be the final edition of the festival, with intents to go out with a bang. Ultimately the festival producers felt the final edition was a major success to close out.[4]

Thursday 30 AprilEdit

New Keepers of the Water Towers
Gas Giant
Acoustic performance

Friday 1 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Dopethrone Night Viper
Acid King Mantar
Horisont Evil Spirit
Acid Witch Weak
Black Cobra

Saturday 2 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Bongzilla Profetus
Conan Head of The Demon
Serpent Throne Epitaph
Mirror of Deception Saturnine
Guevnna Reefer

Sunday 3 MayEdit

Ungdomshuset Main Stage Dödsmaskinen
Bell Witch The Order of Israfel
Hooded Menace Hoopsnake
Abysmal Grief Night Profound
Capilla Ardiente The Hyle
King Dude

External LinksEdit


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