The Hornet.
Background information
Origin North Carolina, USA
Genres Sludge Metal
Years active 2006 - ?
Labels Dwell, Relapse
Associated acts Sourvein, Weedeater, Buzzov*en, Beaten Back To Pure, Backwoods Payback, Alabama Thunderpussy, The Mighty Nimbus, Axehandle, Lunch
Website Facebook
Current members Dave Collins
Troy Medlin
Vince Burke
Erik Larson

Hail!Hornet is a sludge metal band from North Carolina, labeled as dirty grime/hive metal.

Sporadically active since 2006, this band could be seen as a side project featuring members of the Carolina sludge scene, including "Dixie" Dave Collins (Weedeater, Buzzov*en) and Troy Medlin (Sourvein).


Hail!Hornet formed in 2006 as a band between members of the North Carolina metal scene, writing sludgy music with the intent of putting out an album in the future. The band's debut simply titled Hail!Hornet was released in 2007 via Dwell Records. The band would perform their first live performance a year later.[1] The band would take a hiatus while each member returned to their respective bands.

In early 2011 the band would announce a second album set for release on 19 July 2011 via Relapse entitled Disperse The Curse.[2] The band later began to announce a string of tour dates, leading to their only known touring cycle. The band would begin 2012 with a string of shows in North Carolina along with ASG.[3] The band would tour throughout January and February with Zoroaster[4] and then throughout May and June with Church of Misery and The Gates of Slumber.[5][6] The members would go on to their respective bands and Hail!Hornet would go dormant afterwards.


  • Hail!Hornet (2007, Dwell)
  • Disperse The Curse (2011, Relapse)


  • Dave Collins - Bass (2006 - Present)
  • Troy Medlin - Vocals (2006 - Present)
  • Vince Burke - Guitars (2006 - Present)
  • Erik Larson - Drums (2006 - Present)

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