Background information
Origin San Fransisco, California, USA
Genres Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Heavy Psych
Years active 2010 - Present
Labels STB Records, Ripple Music, RidingEasy Records
Associated acts Solarfeast, Acid King, The Jack Saints, Blackqueen, Caroliner, Crack (We Are Rock), Home, Ima, Pee Shy, Scrog, The Zodiac Killers
Website HORNSS Facebook

HORNSS are a doom/stoner trio residing in San Fransisco though all three members previously resided in different parts of the United States. Forming in 2010, HORNSS' sound mixes heavy psych, doom and desert rock though also rooted in punk and desert rock as all three members had played in punk bands throughout their career, with Mike Moracha and Nick Nava also playing in the desert rock band Solarfeast in the early 90s. Their sound has also been described as "heavy rock tunes for fellow dirtbags.".

In their tenure to date the band has released two studio albums and has shared the stage with several key bands in the stoner and doom scene.


HORNSS started in 2010 by the trio of Moracha, Nava and Bowman, all of which had roots in punk bands and moved from different parts of the USA (Moracha and Nava being from Palm Springs while Bowman originated from Florida). The three would initially agree on the name Horns but opt for the name HORNSS once they found out through Encyclopedia Metallum that a band with the name "Horns" already existed.[1] The band's first show would take place on 5 February 2011 supporting Fatso Jetson.[2] Following a few more gigs including a second gig supporting Fatso Jetson,[3] HORNSS would release a demo known as The Red Death on 9 November 2012.

This would gain the attention of RidingEasy Records, who would sign the band as work began on a debut album. HORNSS would share the stage with the likes of Lo-Pan, Yob, Black Sleep of Kali and Black Cobra among others leading up to the release of their debut album No Blood No Sympathy. No Blood No Sympathy saw release on 13 May 2014, with a release party for the band on 24 May alongside Black Prism and Slow Season.[4] HORNSS would then tour Europe with Black Wizard in support of the album, notably including an appearance at Incubate Festival.

In 2015 work would begin on a follow-up in between marquee shows alongside the likes of The Skull,[5] Inter Arma,[6] Pins of Light and Mondo Drag[7] among others. On 8 October 2015 it had been revealed that HORNSS had signed with STB Records for their second album.[8] Working with Tim Green, the band would record at Louder Studios in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in roughly five days.[9] Telepath would see release on 27 August 2016 to positive reviews from the likes of Metal Injection[10] and The Quietus[11] among others. A release show took place on 30 August alongside Dirty Streets and The Atomic Bitchwax.[12] Surrounding the recording and release would be a marquee show alongside Fu Manchu and an appearance at Psycho Las Vegas. HORNSS still remain active performing in the California area.


  • The Red Death (Demo) (2012, Self-Released)
  • No Blood No Sympathy (Studio Album) (2014, RidingEasy Records)
  • Telepath (Studio Album) (2016, Ripple Music; STB Records)


  • Mike Moracha - Guitar, Vocals (2010 - Present)
  • Nick Nava - Bass, Vocals (2010 - Present)
  • Bil Bowman - Drums (2010 - Present)


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