H42 Records
H42 Records
Record label information
Founded 2013
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Heavy Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Country of Origin Germany
Based in Hamburg, Germany
Website H42 Official (English)

H42 Records is an independent stoner rock label based out of Hamburg, Germany. Also known as "Home of The Deer", H42 was founded on 22 January 2013. Since the label had formed, H42 has put out over sixty different releases as of 2020, the majority of which being 7" singles though some releases are 12" EPs or full-length albums and very few releases in CD format.

The label is also notable for their ongoing working relationship with DesertFest and has released annual special releases for two of their marquee festivals in DesertFest Berlin and Desertfest London.

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