God Says No
God Says No
Studio album by Monster Magnet
Released October 30 2000
Recorded 1999 - 2000 at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Genre Stoner Rock, Hard Rock
Length 55:15 (US)
64:37 (UK)
64:31 (Japan)
Producer Dave Wyndorf, Matt Hyde
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God Says No
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God Says No is the fifth studio album by the New Jersey band Monster Magnet, released on 30 October 2000 in Europe and 10 April 2001 in the United States. Notably it would continue the hard rock sound attained by their previous effort Powertrip. However the album would not be as successful as the gold-selling 1998 album, ultimately proving to be the last album on A&M Records due to promotional problems along with being the last studio album that featured bassist Joe Calandra and drummer Jon Kleiman.


Following a string of extensive touring in support of Powertrip, Monster Magnet would begin work on their next record, working again with producer Matt Hyde but this time recording in Vancouver through early 2000. Monster Magnet would be first released in Europe on 30 October 2000 but the album would be delayed in the states to avoid competing with major bands releasing albums around the same time.[1] The US edition would see release on 10 April 2001 and notably omit "Down In The Jungle" in favor of a re-recorded version of "Medicine", which originally appeared on the 1991 debut Spine of God. "Heads Explode" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Dracula 2000 and "Silver Future" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Heavy Metal 2000.

In regards to charts and promotion God Says No would peak at 153 on the Billboard 200, along with peaking at 17 on both the German and Swedish Albums Chart.[2][3] Two songs would chart on the Mainstream Rock Tracks in "Silver Future" (#15) and "Heads Explode" (#26). A music video for "Melt" was made comprised of live footage. "Melt" also notably references legendary comic book writer and artist Jack Kirby (1917 - 1994) with the following line: The lyrics to "Melt" feature a reference to comic book pioneer Jack Kirby: "...I was thinking how the world should have cried // On the day Jack Kirby died...".The other song to get a promotional video would be "Heads Explode" which got two videos (A clean version that depicts the band in a white room and an alternate version with completely different shots and nudity.).

Though a handful of critics would be skeptical of this album, God Says No would attain positive reception from the likes of Drowned in Sound (8/10),[4] Rolling Stone (3.5 Stars),[5] Julian Cope,[6] and Chronicles of Chaos (8/10).[7]

Monster Magnet would tour North America and Europe in support of God Says No though it would be the last album featuring bassist Joe Calandra and drummer Jon Kleiman as they would leave the band by May 2003.[8] Jim Baglino and Michael Wildwood would join the band by August 2003.[9]


Monster Magnet - Melt

Monster Magnet - Melt

Monster Magnet - Heads Explode

Monster Magnet - Heads Explode

Monster Magnet - Heads Explode-0

Monster Magnet - Heads Explode-0

United States VersionEdit

"Silver Future" is listed as a bonus track.

  • 1. Melt (5:44)
  • 2. Heads Explode (3:48)
  • 3. Doomsday (3:48)
  • 4. Medicine (3:52)
  • 5. God Says No (4:29)
  • 6. Kiss of The Scorpion (4:01)
  • 7. All Shook Out (4:16)
  • 8. Gravity Well (3:20)
  • 9. My Little Friend (4:12)
  • 10. Queen of You (6:30)
  • 11. Cry (7:23)
  • 12. Take It (2:53)
  • 13. Silver Future (4:59)

European VersionEdit

"Silver Future" is listed as a bonus track. "I Want More" is listed as a UK-exclusive bonus track but is actually a re-working of the Union Carbide Productions song "Financial Declaration". "Leapin' Lizards" is a bonus track exclusive to the Japanese edition, replacing "I Want More".

  • 1. Melt (5:44)
  • 2. Heads Explode (3:48)
  • 3. Doomsday (3:48)
  • 4. God Says No (4:29)
  • 5. Kiss of The Scorpion (4:01)
  • 6. All Shook Out (4:16)
  • 7. Gravity Well (3:20)
  • 8. My Little Friend (4:12)
  • 9. Queen of You (7:02)
  • 10. Down in The Jungle (4:49)
  • 11. Cry (7:23)
  • 12. Take It (2:53)
  • 13. Silver Future (4:59)
  • 14. I Want More (3:51) (Union Carbide Productions)
  • 14. Leapin' Lizards (3:45)


  • Dave Wyndorf - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Songwriter, Producer, Art Direction
  • Ed Mundell - Guitar
  • Phil Caivano - Guitar
  • Joe Calandra - Bass
  • Jon Kleiman - Drums
  • Tim Cronin - Hallucination Bombs End Psychic Pyro
  • Phil Western - Drum Programming, Synthesizer
  • Jim McGillveray - Additional Percussion
  • Vince Jones - Keyboards
  • Chris Vaughan-Jones - Digital Editing
  • Matt Hyde - Engineer, Producer, Keyboards, Drum Programming
  • Randy Staub - Engineer
  • Dean Myer - Assistant Engineer
  • Tara Nelson - Assistant Engineer (Warehouse)
  • Zach Blackstone - Assistant Engineer (Warehouse)
  • Paul Silveira - Assistant Engineer (The Armoury)
  • Dan-Grech Margueret - Assistant Engineer (Rak Studios)
  • James Brown - Mixing Engineer For Alan Moulder
  • Dave Collins - Mastering
  • Joseph Cultice - Photography
  • Rob Leecock - Illustration
  • Joe Mama-Nitzberg - Art Direction
  • Larimie Garcia - Art Direction, Design
  • Gerch - Drum Technician
  • Dan Druff - Guitar Technician

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