Background information
Origin Akron, Ohio
Genres Stoner Rock, Experimental Rock
Years active 2013 - Present
Associated acts Simeon Soul Charger
Website Ghost:Hello Facebook
Current members Will Skok
Nina Rich
Joe Kidd

Ghost:Hello are an experimental stoner rock power trio based out of Akron, Ohio. Forming initially in 2013 as a power duo and performing a handful of shows, the trio would re-establish itself in the late 2010s with a third member (Now making the band a stoner rock family of a husband/wife duo with their cousin) and adding synthesizer and theremin.

Building on this new sound the band would release their debut album in 2019 and tour around the United States.


Ghost:Hello would initially form in April 2013 by Will Skok and Joe Kidd, performing a handful of shows[1] including an appearance at BeardStock.[2] However drummer Joe Kidd was touring North America and Europe with other bands around the same time so the band would be largely dormant.

Some years later the band took a new angle with the addition of Nina and her synthesizers, samples, and theremin, to their previous original bass and drums combo. The sound of the band's loud aggressive rock and roll would take a newer direction and would be a breath of fresh air for the band. Immediately after Nina joined the band would begin writing and recording a debut album in the Spring of 2019, releasing a two-song EP in March as a tease.

The album's title and artwork would be unveiled that May, drawing heavily from Lovecraftian influences.[3] The Sound of Color in Space would see release on 20 September 2019, with a release show taking place the same day at the Rialto Theatre in Akron, followed by a tour to support the album.[4] The Sound of Color in Space would attain positive reception from several publications such as Metal Devastation Radio,[5] Indie Pulse Music,[6] Metal Temple,[7] Metal Utopia,[8] Echoes and Dust[9] and Outlaws of the Sun[10] among several others.

On 8 January 2020 the band would announce a tour with Enhailer through six cities.[11]


  • Ghost:Hello (EP) (2019, Self-Released)
  • The Sound of Color in Space (Studio Album) (2019, Self-Released)


  • Nina Rich - Synthesizer, Theremin
  • Will Skok - Bass, Vocals
  • Joe Kidd - Drums, Percussion


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