Background information
Origin Osaka, Japan
Genres Sludge Metal
Years active 1994 - Present
Labels Fiend’s Shrine Records, Alchemy Records, Diwphalanx Records
Associated acts Gomidama
Website Garadama Facebook

Garadama are a sludge band from Osaka. Beginning in 1994 this Japanese trio incorporates elements of sludge, grunge, alternative, industrial and doom for a low-end cacophony of sound with lyrics based in psychosis and insanity.

Little is known of the band's early history beyond the release of their debut album Garadama I in 2000 and a collaboration known as Gomidama (Garadama + Pain Jerk) in 2003. By the mid 2000s the band had been known to perform live with several contemporaries in the Japanese scene such as Birushanah, Gallhammer, Coffins, Nepenthes, Church of Misery and Eternal Elysium along with touring acts such as Electric Wizard, Kylesa, Orange Sunshine, Witchcraft, Noothgrush, Akimbo and Penis Geyser among others. A second album in Garadama II surfaced in 2006.

Garadama would activate a social media in 2012 along with a bandcamp the same year, which included a reissue of Garadama I. A third album in Garadama III saw release in 2015. Garadama remains active in the Japanese heavy scene albeit sporadically.


  • Garadama I (Studio Album) (2000, Alchemy Records)
  • Nuclea Noise of Confusion (Collaboration with Pain Jerk; As Gomidama) (2003, Fiend's Shrine)
  • Garadama II (Studio Album) (2006, Fiend's Shrine)
  • Shaking In Agony / 阿鼻叫喚 (Split with Swarrrm) (2010, DiwPhalanx Records)
  • Garadama III (Studio Album) (2015, Fiend's Shrine)


  • Yoshihiro Kakanoki - Guitar, Vocals
  • Kuniaki Nishikawa - Drums
  • Tomonobu Nomura - Bass

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