Freak Valley Festival
Freak Valley Festival 2015
Poster for the 2015 edition.
Background information
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Metal, Desert Rock, Blues Rock
Date(s) May or June (Main Festival)
Location Netphen, Germany (Main Festival)
Seigen, Germany (Marquee Events)
Venue(s) AWO-Gelände (Main Festival)
Vortex Surfer Musikclub (Marquee Events)
Years active 2012 - Present
Associated Events Rock Freaks Concerts
Website Freak Valley Festival Official
Freak Valley Festival is a festival held in Netphen, Germany. Starting in 2012, Freak Valley was formed as a festival catering to those into stoner rock, psychedelic rock and blues. Like many festivals in Europe it is set as an open air event with camping.

Along with the main festival held in the summer, Freak Valley also hosts several marquee events and mini-festivals along with booking touring psych and stoner acts from around the world.



2012: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

The inaugural edition of the Freak Valley Festival would be held on 18 and 19 May 2012 at AWO-Gelände, Netphen, Germany. The festival would be a sell-out in it's first year even with just two days and sixteen bands billed.[1][2]

18 May 2012 19 May 2012
Demon's Eye
Featuring Doogie White
Colour Haze
My Sleeping Karma Lonely Kamel
Gentlemans Pistols Wicked Minds
Mars Red Sky Glowsun
Space Debris Orange Sunshine
Bushfire Grifter
Speed Automatic Doctor Cyclops
Ded Orse Dean Allen Foyd

2012: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

In the fall of 2012, Freak Valley Festival would announce their first Freak Valley X-Mas, a yearly tradition composed by the festival curators. The first edition would be held at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany.[3]

  • Electric Moon
  • Space Debris
  • Ded Orse
  • Obelyskkh
  • Abe Diddy & The Krautboys
  • Bons Cottze

2013: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

In August 2012 a second edition of the Freak Valley Festival would be announced. The festival would be expanded to a three-day event with a total of 23 bands selected to perform.[4][5] Like the first edition the festival would sell out. Moonless were intended for the festival but ultimately canceled with YAMA as the replacement.

30 May 2013 31 May 2013 1 June 2013
Long Distance Calling Naam Causa Sui
Asteroid Uncle Acid and the deadbeats Orange Goblin
Katla Brutus The Machine
Bushfire The Muggs Ape Machine
Orange Sunshine Stoned Jesus
Pet The Preacher Nightstalker
The Egocentrics Pyramidal
Mamont Abrahma
Yama Wolverine Blues
Banda de la Muerte Radar Men from the Moon


2013: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

The 2013 edition of the Freak Valley X-Mas would be held on 7 December 2013 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. Five bands would participate in this marquee event.[9]

2014: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

In August 2013, the 2014 edition of Freak Valley Festival would be announced and set for 29 - 31 May 2013 at AWO-Gelände, Netphen, Germany. [10] Like the previous edition the event would now span three days and now with thirty-one bands. Like previous editions the festival would sell out well before the actual days of the show.

29 May 2013 30 May 2013 31 May 2013
Radio Moscow Blues Pills Kadavar
Papir Truckfighters Motorpsycho
Bloody Hammers Solstafir Elder
The Heavy Eyes Wo Fat Samsara Blues Experiment
The Lone Crows Blood Ceremony Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell
The Colts Mothership Mos Generator
Mother of God Øresund Space Collective
Stubb Zodiac
The Midnight Ghost Train Bone Man
Ivy Garden of The Desert Magnetic Mountain
Sun Preachers Bushfire
Motor Mammoth


2014: Heavy Jams Part 1Edit

A marquee event known as Heavy Jams Part 1 would be curated and set on 30 August 2014 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. This event featured four bands from around the world.[12]

2014: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

Following a series of events promoted by Freak Valley, the festival would curate their third annual Freak Valley X-Mas. The third X-Mas event was held on 20 December 2014 at pin Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. Along with six bands the event featured DJ Wofo throughout the night.[13]

  • The Machine'
  • Birth of Joy
  • Pendejo
  • Bone Man
  • Born To Hula
  • R.E.D.

2015: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

The 2015 edition of Freak Valley Festival would be held between 4 and 6 June 2015. Like most editions of this festival it managed to be a sell-out.[14]

4 June 2015 5 June 2015 6 June 2015
Blues Pills Orchid Earthless
Goatsnake Monkey3 Eyehategod
The Muggs Horisont Crippled Black Phoenix
Gas Giant Siena Root Electric Moon
Mountain Witch Brousel Machine Kamchatka
The Cyborgs Sigiriya The Vintage Caravan
Danava Tuber
Seedy Jeezus Egypt
Travelin Jack Dead Man
Freedom Hawk Valley of the Sun
C+C = Maxigross Tombstones

2015: Freak Valley RefueledEdit

The 2015 edition of Freak Valley Refueled was held on 27 June 2015. Featuring three bands and strictly limited to 150 tickets, this event was held at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany.[15]

2015: Freakers Ball Vol. 1Edit

In 2015, Freak Valley would conceive a new marquee event under the name Freakers Ball with an emphasis on hard rock. The inaugural Freakers Ball would be held on 19 September 2015 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany.[16]

  • Joy
  • Death Alley
  • Heat
  • Travelin Jack

2015: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

As per Freak Valley's holiday tradition, the fourth edition of Freak Valley X-Mas was held on 19 December 2015 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. Like most editions of this event it would feature six bands and DJ Wofo handling music between the bands.[17]

2016: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

The 2016 edition of the Freak Valley Festival was held between 26 May and 28 May 2016 in Netphen, Germany. For the festival's fifth anniversary, Orange Goblin would be revealed as a surprise headliner close the event.[18]

26 May 2016 27 May 2016 28 May 2016
Dead Meadow Graveyard Orange Goblin
Toundra Spidergawd Elder
Baby Woodrose The Shrine Lonely Kamel
White Hills Mantar Rotor
Villagers... Giobia Monolord
The Sonic Dawn Krissy Matthews Farflung
Spiders The Golden Grass
Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus Black Rainbows
The Devil & The Almighty Blues Black Lung
Mother Engine Snowy Dunes
Gomer Pyle Powder For Pigeons

2016: Freak Valley RefueledEdit

The 2016 edition of Freak Valley Refueled would be held on 9 July 2016 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. The event was strictly limited to 150 tickets.[19]

2016: Freak SabbathEdit

The second edition of Freak Sabbath (Freak Sabbath Vol. 2) was held on 24 September 2016 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. DJ Wofo would once again provide music between a four-band lineup.

2016: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

The fifth annual Freak Valley X-Mas would be held on 17 December 2016 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. Featuring six bands and DJ Wofo, the event would sell out in quick order.[20]

  • Colour Haze
  • Wucan
  • Mother Engine
  • Limestone Whale
  • Monolith
  • Tschaika 21/16

2017: Freak SabbathEdit

The first edition of Freak Sabbath to be held in 2017 (Billed as Freak Sabbath Vol. 3 was held on 6 May 2017 at Vortex Surfer Musikclub in Siegen, Germany. DJ Wofo would handle the sounds between bands.[21]

2017: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

The 2017 edition of the Freak Valley Festival would be held between 15 and 17 June 2017. As with previous editions the festival would be held at AWO-Gelände, Netphen, Germany.[22]

15 June 2017 16 June 2017 17 June 2017
Slo Burn Pentagram Earthless
Maserati Ufomammut King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Conan Golden Void Follakzoid
Arbouretum Greenleaf Mothership
Orango The Brew Wand
Maidavale Death Alley Mammoth Mammoth
Black Willows Geezer Church of The Cosmic Skull
The Great Machine Kikagaku Moyo
Limestone Whale Salem's Pot
Elephant Tree Vodun
Green Orbit Sativa Root


2017: Freak Valley RefueledEdit

The 2017 edition of Freak Valley Refueled was held on 8 July 2017 at Vortex Surfer in Siegen, Germany. Featuring a marquee bill of four bands, it was also notable as a release party for Giobia's live album Live at Freak Valley.[24]

2017: Freak SabbathEdit

The second 2017 edition of Freak Sabbath (Also known as Freak Sabbath Vol. 4) was held on 27 October 2017 at Vortex Surfer in Siegen. The lineup featured five touring bands for this supercard.[25]

2017: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

The 2017 edition of Freak Valley X-Mas (Also known as Freak Valley X-Mas Fest - Keine Abendkasse !) was held on 7 December 2017 at Vortex Surfer in Siegen. Six bands were announced to perform at the event with DJ Wofo spinning records between sets.[26]

2018: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

On 25 August 2017, the 2018 edition of the festival would be announced, with Early Bird tickets available that September.[27] On 2 October 2017, Om would be announced as the first headliner, with more bands announced soon after.[28] Online tickets would go on sale on 12 November 2017 and sell out within an hour. Before the year was over the festival would be completely sold out.[29]

The 2018 edition would be held between 30 May 2018 and 2 June 2018 at AWO-Gelände, Netphen, Germany.[30]

Wednesday 30 May Thursday 31 May Friday 1 June Saturday 2 June
Radar Men from the Moon Om My Sleeping Karma Russian Circles
No Man's Valley My Baby Candlemass The Flying Eyes
Mountain Dust Bushfire Mars Red Sky Karma To Burn
Motorowl Sumac Wolf People Asteroid
Mother Engine Yuri Gagarin Brutus
Ruff Majik Dyse Sacri Monti
Humulus Black Bombaim Lucifer
Rage of Samedi The Freeks Purple Hill Witch
Galactic Superlords Ouzo Bazooka Year of The Cobra
Steak Kaleidobolt
Nap Toke


2018: Freak Valley Festival RefueledEdit

In June 2018, Freak Valley Festival would announce a refueled super card. This event would be held on 30 June 2018 at Vortex Surfer in Siegen.[32]

  • Nebula
  • Pristine
  • Hot Lunch
  • The Great Machine

2018: Freak Valley X-MasEdit

The 2018 edition of Freak Valley X-Mas would be held at Vortex Surfer in Siegen on 15 December 2018. Six bands were selected to perform with DJ Wofo spinning records between sets.[33]

2019: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

Some time after the 2018 edition, a 2019 edition of the Freak Valley Festival was announced and set for 20 - 22 June 2019 at Weiherdamm 3, Netphen, Germany.[34] On 5 November 2018 the first round of bands would be announced in The Vintage Caravan, Electric Moon, Spaceslug, Arc of Ascent and Slomatics.[35] By 15 November it would be announced that the festival was already sold out. On 14 December Brant Bjork and Wolfmother would be announced as headliners, along with other acts announced such as The Obsessed and Yob.[36]

Notably It's Not Night: It's Space, The Obsessed and Harsh Toke were all intended to perform the 2019 edition but canceled for different reasons.

Thursday 20 June Friday 21 June Saturday 22 June
Electric Moon Corrosion of Conformity God Is An Astronaut
Brant Bjork Yob Wolfmother
DeWolff A Place to Bury Strangers Minami Deutsch
John Fairhurst King Buffalo Monolord
Spaceslug Tuber The Vintage Caravan
Stonefield Raketkanon Arc of Ascent
Valley of the Sun Pristine OutsideInside
Duel The Great Electric Quest Slomatics
Dead Lord The Fierce and The Dead
Pretty Lightning High Fighter
Lacertilia Space Ventura


2020: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

Following a successful 2019 edition, Freak Valley Festival would announce their 2020 edition in October 2019, announcing the likes of Fu Manchu, Endless Boogie, Slomatics, Monomyth and Temple Fang with more to be announced.[38] Once tickets went on sale circa 24 October 2019 they would sell out in less than half an hour.[39] On 25 November 2019 the second wave of bands would be announced, featuring Witchcraft, Pelican, We Hunt Buffalo, Camera and The Neptune Power Federation.[40] However on 21 April it would be announced that due to Germany's further restrictions on events in the country due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic, that Freak Valley Festival would be postponed to 2021.

2021: Freak Valley FestivalEdit

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