Fluid Underground
The album cover for Amanet.
Background information
Origin Vlasotince, Serbia
Genres Stoner Rock, Fuzz Rock
Years active 2001 - Present
Labels Samostalno izdanje, RockSvirke
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Fluid Underground are a stoner rock/fuzz rock band originating from Vlasotince, Serbia. Forming in 2001 and, despite a time gap between forming and their first albums, stayed consistent to a heavy rock sound inspired by the likes of Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Motorhead, Kyuss and The Melvins. to date the band has four albums amid a host of other releases.


Very little is known of Fluid Underground's formation besides the fact the band formed in 2001 and that several members had come and went by the time of 2010, which saw the release of their first albums in Napad i Prve Noći and Decembar. The band largely performed in their native Serbia, with their earliest known show taking place circa 9 October 2011. 2012 would see the release of an EP in Sumrak Bogova as work slowly began on a third album.

Amanet would see release on 18 March 2015, followed by Antimajka on 20 March 2017, both of which attaining positive reception. Serbia mainly performed local shows or supporting touring acts and remain active in the Serbian stoner scene, working on new singles and studio works.


  • Miloš Petrenj - Guitar, Vocals
  • Dragan Stojković - Guitar, Vocals
  • Slavko Mladenović - Bass, Vocals
  • Vladimir Stanković - Drums


Fluid Underground - Amanet Official Music Video

Fluid Underground - Amanet Official Music Video

Fluid Underground - Statične oči Official Music Video

Fluid Underground - Statične oči Official Music Video

  • Napad i Prve Noći (Studio Album) (2010, Samostalno izdanje)
  • Decembar (Studio Album) (2010, Samostalno izdanje)
  • Sumrak Bogova (EP) (2012, Nocturne Online Magazine)
  • Kao Nekada (Collaborative Single with Viseci Vrtovi Vavilona) (2013, Self-Released)
  • Amanet (Studio Album) (2015, RockSvirke Records)
  • Antimajka (Studio Album) (2017, Samostalno izdanje)
  • Ja Vidim Sve (Digital Single) (2018, Self-Released)
  • Nemam Vremena (Digital Single) (2019, Self-Released)

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