The original album cover.
Studio album by Boris
Released December 15 2000
Recorded September 2000 at Bazooka Studio in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Genre Minimalism, Progressive Rock, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Length 70:32
Producer Boris
Boris chronology
More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape
(Boris With Merzbow)


Flood (Also stylized as -flood-) is the third studio album by Japanese band Boris, released in December 2000 via Midi Creative. A 70-minute song broken down into four sections, it has served as one of their most progressive and seminal works.


Not long after recording a host of other material over previous years, Boris' sound started to shift in a different direction from the abrasive mix of drone and sludge they began with. Flood exudes more of an influence towards progressive rock and minimalism in its composition. At the time of release in 2000 it had some reception but largely unknown until the band attained a worldwide distribution some years later and the album discovered on some trade circles. the album has since been reissued with slightly altered artwork but has never seen a vinyl release (rumors have surfaced that many labels have approached MIDI Creative but the price for the rights was too substantial.).

Boris has performed the composition (Albeit abridged and shortened) on several occasions. Examples include a 2001 with a shortened take on Absolutego that appears on Archive I and Heavy Metal Me. The band also performed the song on several occasions in 2012 (One of which was recorded and released as Boris Performing Flood) and as part of their residency tours in 2013.[1]

Boris - Flood (Full Album)

Boris - Flood (Full Album)


No. Title Length
1. "Flood"
  • "I. Flood, Part 1"
  • "II. Flood, Part 2"
  • "III. Flood, Part 3"
  • "IV. Flood, Part 4"  
  • 14:42
  • 13:34
  • 20:38
  • 21:35
Total length:


  • Atsuo - Drums, Percussion, Gong, Vocals
  • Takeshi - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Words
  • Wata - Guitar, Effects, Echo, Orange
  • Boris - Producer
  • Hiroshi Okura - Executive Producer
  • Tetsuya "Cherry" Tochigi - Engineer
  • Hiroyasu Tahira - Engineer Assistant
  • Miyuki Kobayashi - Engineer Assistant
  • Masashi Tsukahara - Album Coordination
  • Toshiaki Shimizu - A&R
  • Fangs Anal Satan - Artwork
  • Eri Shabata - Photography
  • Shuji Kitamura - Mastering


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