Fever Dog
Fever Dog
Background information
Origin California, USA
Genres Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2012 - Present
Labels Interstellar Overlord, Sunlips
Associated acts Snot Rocket
Website Fever Dog Official

Fever Dog are a psychedelic rock band from California, often listed from the Coachella Valley. Forming in 2012 after six years of performing in a garage rock band known as Snot Rocket, Fever Dog perform a loose, free-form psychedelic drawing inspirations from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson and KISS. To date the band has released two studio albums with a third on the way.

The band's name derives Fever Dog from a song by the fictional band "Stillwater" in Coachella Valley native Cameron Crowe’s 2001 movie Almost Famous.


Formed in 2006 in Palm Desert, California, Fever Dog began as three 6th graders in a garage as Snot Rocket. By the fall of 2008 they had recorded and released the first self-titled six song E.P. In 2009 the first Snot Rocket full length album Red Alert was released with 10 songs and two videos. The Fall of 2010 saw the release of Super Chevy, featuring ten tracks of pure rock and roll. However in the spring of 2012 the band would change their name to Fever Dog, recording their first studio album. Volume One would see it's release on 10 November 2012, the first part of a conceptual trilogy. The band played shows in the California ares but little is known of the band's live performances around this time.

The band would release two singles to promote their next album in Lady Snowblood and The Great Tree, followed by a "split" EP known as Dog Ear, which had the band exploring the idea of single-take improvised sessions.[1] Second Wind would see it's release in the conceptual "Past, Present, Future" trilogy on 30 August 2014. Fever Dog and 3rd Eye Experience would tour Europe with Fatso Jetson in the fall of 2015, which included appearances at Keep It Low and Desertfest Belgium.

Following the release of a new single in Mainframe, Fever Dog is concentrating on a third studio album, revealed to be titled as Alpha Waves and set for a 2020 release.


Studio AlbumsEdit

Other ReleasesEdit

  • Lady Snowblood (Single) (2013)
  • The Great Tree (Single) (2013)
  • Dog Ear (Split/Collaboration with 3rd Ear Experience) (2014)
  • Mainframe (Single) (2017)


  • Danny Graham - Guitar, Vocals, Theremin (2006 - Present)
  • Nathan Wood - Bass, Sound Generators (2006 - Present)
  • Joshua Adams - Percussion, Organs, Back-up Vocals (2006 - Present)

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  2. Fever Dog Facebook
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