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Fatso Jetson
Fatso Jetson.jpg
Background information
Origin Palm Desert, California, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Surf Rock
Years active 1994 - Present
Labels Man's Ruin Records, Rekords Rekords, Heavy Psych Sounds, H42 Records, SST Records, Bong Load Records, Cobraside Distribution
Associated acts Yawning Man, Yawning Sons, Across The River The Sort Of Quartet, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Big Scenic Nowhere, Brant Bjork, Solarfeast, The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Big (Pig)
Website Fatso Jetson Official
Current members Mario Lalli
Larry Lalli
Tony Tornay
Vince Meghrouni
Dino Von Lalli
Past members Brant Bjork
Gary Arce

Fatso Jetson are an American desert rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed in 1994. Founded by brothers Mario and Larry Lalli along with drummer Tony Tornay, Fatso Jetson are often credited as a pioneer in desert rock alongside contemporaries such as Kyuss, Yawning Man and Queens of the Stone Age among others. Fatso Jetson's sound, while musically similar to their stoner brethren, incorporate a wider variety of musical influences such as punk, surf, jazz and psychedelic rock.

To date the band has released seven studio albums with their lineup fluctuating as a trio, quartet or quintet depending on the lineup. Fatso Jetson has sporadically toured but in the 2010s began touring more frequently, specifically with frequent tours of Europe. The band's name comes from a character from an Ingmar Bergman film.


Fatso Jetson formed in Palm Desert, California circa 1994 when brothers Mario and Larry Lalli opened a live venue in Indio, California's "Rhythm & Brews".[1] The Lalli brothers, along with drummer Tony Tornay, founded Fatso Jetson in 1994 when the trio when the band composed nine or ten songs. The band performed their first live show in September 1994 as support for Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn. On the basis of this live performance Ginn would sign the band to SST Records with the intent of releasing an album.

Fatso Jetson would begin performing as many shows as they can, including a short six date tour with Kyuss. The band's debut album Stinky Little Gods saw release in August 1995. Two years later saw release of a quick follow-up in Power of Three, released in November 1997. This saw the first collaboration with Vince Meghrouni as he contributed harmonica and flute to the record. Around the time of the album's release Brant Bjork had joined as a rhythm guitarist. However by the end of the next year he would leave due to his commitments with Fu Manchu. Brant however did appear on two 7″ releases, one of them a split with The Bloodshot, and the other a split with Fu Manchu.

In late 1997 Fatso Jetson started to look for another record label and found themselves in the company of Bongload Custom Records. In April 1998, Tony, Mario and Larry entered Monkey Studios in Palm Springs to record their 3rd full length offering for Bongload. Toasted would be recorded in April 1998, produced by Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality, Desert Sessions) though it would be delayed until the next year. The band would do a short tour with Queens of the Stone Age that July and around this time famed artist Frank Kozik asked the band to record a record for his Man's Ruin Records. In August 1998 the band re-entered Goss’ Monkey Studios to lay down the tracks for a record that would eventually become Flames For All, released circa 8 January 1999 to positive reception. Toasted would see release via Bong Load Records the next month. Long time Lalli collaborator Gary Arce joined the band as a rhythm guitarist for a 1998 tour with Queens Of The Stone Age and continued to play with the band for a European tour (Also with Queens), which included an appearance at Dynamo Festival and an appearance at SXSW prior to the tour. Arce would depart from the band in April 2000.

After some regional touring in the United States and a second appearance at SXSW in 2000, Fatso Jetson headed back into the studio to record their 5th full length studio album and working in collaboration with Jesse Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal). Recorded in Silver Lake, Ca. at Donner and Blitzen Studios by Mathias Schneeberger, Cruel & Delicious saw release via Josh Homme's Rekords Rekords circa 30 November 2002.

After some highly anticipated dates with Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu, and Beck, Fatso Jetson quieted down for a few years. The permanent members Mario, Tony, and Larry had found themselves living in different cities with other obligations taking over their time. They consistently played regional shows and spent time in various studios recording but it would be a few years before any new music would come to light. Even in this lull LA Weekly nominated them as one of the “Best Rock Bands” in Los Angeles in 2003. Notably Mario had also remained busy with Yawning Man having a resurgence, leading to the release of their debut album Rock Formations in 2005. Tony spent some time playing with Black Flag alum Chuck Dukowski recording a record and playing shows in both the States and Europe with an appearance at Coachella.

Recurring member Vince Meghrouni would join the band full-time in 2007. Sporadic shows took place over the next couple years but the band would begin work on their sixth album, recording at Donner & Blitzen Studios with Mathia Schneeberger and Total Annihilation Studios with Eddie Rivas. Fatso Jetson would tour Europe in 2010, built around appearances at Grand Blitz Festival and Roadburn Festival, sharing the stage with the likes of Oak's Mary, Ahkmed, Colour Haze and Los Natas among others.[2] The band also released a Split 7" with Oak's Mary for the European Tour.

Archaic Volumes saw release on 3 April 2010 via Cobraside Distribution. Archaic Volumes would attain positive reviews[3][4] and rank at #4 of The Obelisk's top 20 albums of 2010.[5] Fatso Jetson would further tour in support of Archaic Volumes in 2012 alongside The Atomic Bitchwax, notably appearing at Duna Jam and Stoned From The Underground.

Fatso Jetson (Now with a fifth member in Mario's son Dino Van Lalli on second guitar.) and Yawning Man would embark on a special tour of Europe the next year known as Legends of the Desert, with notable appearances at DesertFest Berlin, Desertfest London and Maximum Festival, the latter spawning a live album from both bands. The band would again take some time off as Mario Lalli would tour extensively with Yawning Man while managing the punk band OFF!. Tornay would join Brant Bjork's live band touring throughout the world in support of his 2014 album Black Flower Power. Lalli and Fatso Jetson would also be featured in the Foo Fighters' HBO miniseries Sonic Highways. Fatso Jetson would tour with Yawning Man again in 2015 (Legends of The Desert Volume II) and tour a second time with 3rd Eye Experience and Fever Dog.

Work would then begin on the band's seventh album, though in an interview with The Obelisk Mario Lalli would admit the album came with some difficulties:

“This record represents one of the toughest years in my life. To be honest, I barely got it done. It’s a very important record because I’m in a way coming out of a long troubled period, and with lots of love and help from my friends and family I got to a place where I could get back to music and express some of this stuff. The band spent three days at Rancho de la Luna with Mathias Schneeberger recording and co-producing and writing on some pretty rough ideas. Dino, my son, wrote a lot of the heavier, more angular, intense music, and I was coming from a more melodic, dark vibe… seemed to all come together. (…) The title of the album is straightforward and the record, the contrary action, to faith without works is dead. We are stoked to do the record with Gabriele from Heavy Psych Sounds. He’s been so supportive of us for years now, a good friend. That’s how this should be.”
— Mario Lalli, The Obelisk [6]

Now signed to Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds, Fatso Jetson's seventh album Idle Hands saw release on 7 October 2016, attaining generally positive reviews through the likes of The Obelisk,[7] The Sludgelord,[8] and Sputnik Music[9] Fatso Jetson would tour Europe in support of the album alongside Swedish stoner rockers Greenleaf, closing out the year with a hometown release party on 11 November alongside Mondo Generator and The Freeks.[10]

Fatso Jetson would do their most extensive tour of North America the next April and May, touring alongside The Obsessed, Karma To Burn, Weedeater and Primitive Man.[11] The band's activity would be more sporadic over the next couple years, participating in short tours with All Souls and 1000mods while appearing at various marquee events when time allows, as members are also busy with various projects such as All Souls, Big (Pig) and Big Scenic Nowhere. Fatso Jetson were intended to tour North America in 2020 supporting Planet of Zeus on their first North American tour, but it would be canceled.[12]


Studio Albums[]

Live Albums[]

Split Releases[]


Current Members[]

  • Mario Lalli - Vocals & Guitar (1994 - Present)
  • Larry Lalli - Bass (1994 - Present)
  • Tony Tornay - Drums (1994 - Present)
  • Vince Meghrouni - Sax & Harmonica (2007 - Present)
  • Dino Von Lalli - Guitar (2013 - Present)

Former Members[]

  • Brant Bjork - Guitar (1997 – 1998)
  • Gary Arce - Guitar (1998 – 2000)
  • Jesse Hughes - Guitar, Vocals (2001 - 2002?)

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