Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath
Everything Comes and Goes
Compilation album by various
Released April 5 2005
Genre(s) Experimental, Progressive Rock, Zeuhl, Avant-garde, Instrumental Rock, Folk, Electronic
Length 40:26
Label Temporary Residence Limited

Everything Comes & Goes: A Tribute to Black Sabbath is a tribute album curated and produced by Jeremy DeVine and Temporary Residence Limited. Notably it features radically re-imagined versions of classic Black Sabbath songs. The CD edition would feature a four page v-fold cover booklet with metallic gold foil lettering. A vinyl edition would also be pressed in an unknown limited amount.

Notably "Reversible Sabbath" as performed by the Japanese zeuhl/prog band Ruins is a multitude of Sabbath covers in the same vein as their infamous Medley covers. Albeit in brief snippets, sections from well over a dozen Sabbath songs are covered.


Ruins - Reversible Sabbath

Ruins - Reversible Sabbath

Grails - Black Sabbath

Grails - Black Sabbath

All songs written by Iommi, Butler, Osbourne, Ward.

  • 1. Matmos - F/X (1:48)
  • 2. Ruins - Reversible Sabbath (2:35)
  • 3. Grails - Black Sabbath (4:16)
  • 4. Four Tet - Iron Man (4:14)
  • 5. Curtis Harvey Trio - Changes (3:48)
  • 6. Paul Newman - Faeries Wear Boots (5:40)
  • 7. The Anomoanon - Planet Caravan (6:53)
  • 8. Racebannon - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (6:53)
  • 9. Greenness with Philly G. - Sweet Leaf (4:20)

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