Epicus Doomicus Hellenicus
Epicus Doomicus Hellenicus.jpg
Compilation album by various
Released June 2016
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Epic Doom Metal
Length 46:30
Label Metal Hammer

Epicus Doomicus Hellenicus (Also known as Epicus Doomicus Hellenicus - 30th Year Anniversary - A Tribute To Candlemass) is a tribute album to Candlemass, with six Greek metal bands each covering a song from the iconic Candlemass debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

This tribute album would be given away with Greek editions of issue no. 378 of Metal Hammer, in a cardsleeve case.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

All songs written by Leif Edling.

  • 1. Shattered Hope - Solitude (8:09)
  • 2. Doomocracy - Demon's Gate (9:11)
  • 3. Immensity - Crystal Ball (7:05)
  • 4. Sorrows Path - Black Stone Wielder (7:24)
  • 5. Sorrowful Winds - Under The Oak (6:45)
  • 6. Solitary Sabred - A Sorcerer's Pledge (7:57)

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