Endless Descent into Ruin
Studio album by Soulers
Released March 4, 2020
Recorded February–March 2020
Genre Death/Doom, Progressive Metal
Length 45:20
Label Independent
Producer Dai Maō
Soulers chronology
Behold the Gathering
Endless Descent into Ruin
The Omophagic Way

Endless Descent into Ruin is the twenty-seventh studio album by the Canadian doom metal solo project Soulers, released on March 4, 2020. Composed of a single 45-minute track, it is the third installment of the 2020 single-track album series, which began with Midhir on January 31.

Two sections of the song contain a sampled reading of a poem titled The Tempest by English poet William Shakespeare.

Background Edit

After releasing Behold the Gathering on February 20, Dai Maō announced on an Instagram livestream announced that he had a new Soulers album in the works, and stated that it might be "more mid-tempo doom." After writing the lyrics, he began recording the drums, guitar, bass and vocal tracks. While he recorded the drums however, he kept failing during each part, forcing him to restart. After recording the guitar, bass and vocal tracks, Dai Maō began the mixing process for both the full version and the Bandcamp excerpt of the song. He did not reveal the album's title before it was released.

This is the first Soulers album since 2017's Beautiful Like a Rainbow not to feature any text in the artwork; Dai Maō stated that he "wanted to redo what I did two years ago."

Musical style Edit

Musically, Endless Descent into Ruin is actually more slow-to-mid-tempo than previous installments of the single-track album series, as it combines elements of death-doom and progressive metal. Dai Maō described the style as being "like Dream Theater, but without the unusual time signatures." Green Ripper bassist Mark Benitez favourably compared the sound to Acid Witch.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Endless Descent into Ruin"   45:20

Personel Edit

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