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Background information
Origin Nijmegen, Netherlands
Genres Stoner rock, hard rock
Years active 2004-present
Current members Peter
Past members Simon Snel
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Emperors are a four piece stoner and hard rock band from Nijmegen, Netherlands. They formed in 2004, originally as a covers band, but later progressed into playing original music.


If you’re looking for drive, groove and great riffs from Nijmegen Rockcity you should definitely check out Emperors. Emperors are a stonerrock group who have been playing music on those terms since 2004. These guys , made of stone, marble and granite, started off in 2004 playing covers of bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu and Blind Dog as “Emperors of the Black”. In the year 2010 the creativity itch could no longer be ignored and Emperors started to write and play their own songs.

Now they play their very own kind of Stonerrock; Hard as stone, subtle where possible yet aggressive where it should be. Heavy groovy music with a sharp edge which still reveals influences from Emperors’ musical heroes.
Emperors - Stone Cold (official video, by Slaap Vaker Films)

Emperors - Stone Cold (official video, by Slaap Vaker Films)


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Current MembersEdit

  • Peter - drums
  • Ralluf - vocals
  • Paulizei - guitar & backing vocals
  • Noël - bass

Former MembersEdit

  • Simon Snel
  • Marcello


Nijmegen has a rich rock scene and Emperors is one of their spawn. The band plays energetic songs that have the feeling of being on a highway at full speed with the radio on with full volume. One song does stand out, where they almost sound like a My Dying Bride in a Jekyll and Hyde way. First the vocals sound lamenting, stricken with grief, but suddenly the band turns around, spitting out blackened, gnarly music and singing.

From there on the band returns to the Fu Manchu style high speed stoner rock. They show the pop sensibilities you hear in Queens of the Stone Age now and then, combining speed and grit in a set that wakes up their listeners. Emperors definitely has balls enough to grab you by your collar and shake you up.

— Guido Segers,[1]

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