Elephant Tree
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Background information
Origin London, England
Genres Stoner Rock, Heavy Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2013-present
Labels Magnetic Eye Records
Website Elephant Tree
Current members Jack Townley
Peter Holland
Sam Hart
Riley MacIntyre
Elephant Tree are a relatively new band who, after cutting their teeth in the London metal scene, have established a place within the current growing Stoner Metal genre.


Sam Hart and Jack Townley started the band in late 2013 as a two piece. Having soaked up the local scene they linked up with riff veteran Peter Holland (of Stubb and Trippy Wicked) and Canadian musician Riley MacIntyre. Having gigged for a several months Elephant Tree signed to Magnetic Eye Records.

While the style is difficult to class under any one particular sub-genre of Metal it has been most likened to Doom Metal and Stoner Rock, however, Elephant Tree's sound ranges from Blues to Progressive.

Elephant Tree released their first album in November 2014 titled Theia and followed up with a self-titled album two years later. In April 2020 their latest album Habits was released by Holy Roar Records.


  • Theia (2014, Magnetic Eye Records)
  • Elephant Tree (2016, Magnetic Eye Records)
  • Habits (2020, Holy Roar Records)


  • Jack Townley - Guitar, Vocals
  • Peter Holland - Bass, Vocals
  • Riley MacIntyre - Sitar, Vocals
  • Sam Hart - Percussion

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