Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral
Background information
Also known as EGPA
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock
Years active 2014 - Present
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Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral are an instrumental stoner/psych/prog trio. Active since 2014 with their home base in Beunos Aires, Argentina, this band plays a high-energy style of psych with inspirations ranging from Hendrix and Zeppelin to The Beatles to Rage Against the Machine to home country contemporaries like Pescado Rabioso, Divididos and Patricio Rey y los Redonditos de Ricota.

Since their beginnings in 2014 the band has two releases and has shared the stage (Largely in South America) with a wide range of bands such as Poseidotica, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Shrine and Radio Moscow among others. While the band primarily performs as a power trio they have performed with vocalist Pau Schneider on occasion to do covers such as The Beatles' "Helter Skelter"[1] and Led Zeppelin's "Since I've Been Loving You".

The name of the band is derived from Name the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant, a character on the hit Cartoon Network series Adventure Time.


Ragnar Lothbrok - Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral

Ragnar Lothbrok - Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral

Elefante's beginnings are estimated in early 2014 when the group formed and quickly composed instrumental jams. The group would release a two-song eponymous EP on 1 May 2014 and would perform live around the Argentina area, including an appearance on Radio RK in November that year.[2]

The band would quickly follow up with a full-length album in El Camino Del Guerrero on 21 November 2015 with a host of shows in Argentina surrounding the album's release. The band would also make an appearance at Concrete Jams Festival alongside Radio Moscow. To this day the band remains active in the Argentina music scene.


  • Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral (EP) (2014)
  • El Camino Del Guerrero (Studio Album) (2015)


  • Eduardo Torales – Guitar
  • Mauro Albornoz – Drums
  • Juan Ricossa – Bass
  • Daniel Espinoza – Designs and visuals
  • Mariano Corvatta – Photography and videos
  • Javier D'Agostino – Flying lights

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