Electric Wizard/Our Haunted Kingdom
Demon Lung
Electric Wizard side of the split
Split Extended Play by
Electric Wizard
Our Haunted Kingdom
Released 1995
Genre stoner metal, doom
Length 10:19
Label Rise Above Records
Electric Wizard chronology
Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard/Our Haunted Kingdom
Come My Fanatics...
Our Haunted Kingdom chronology
Electric Wizard/Our Haunted Kingdom
Frequencies From Planet Ten
Alternative Cover
Aquatic Fanatic
Our Haunted Kingdom side of the split

Electric Wizard/Our Haunted Kingdom was a split release between the two bands released in 1995 via Rise Above Records on blue vinyl. Our Haunted Kingdom would change their name to Orange Goblin after this release.

Track ListingEdit


Demon Lung would be re-released in 2008 as a bonus track to the reissue of Come My Fanatics....

The version of Aquatic Fanatic here was eventually put on the 2010 reissue of Frequencies From Planet Ten as a bonus track.


Electric Wizard & Our Haunted Kingdom Split

Electric Wizard & Our Haunted Kingdom Split

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