Eight Hands For Kali
Eight Hands For Kali
Background information
Origin Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Genres Doom Metal
Years active 2003 - 2006
Labels Pariah Child
Associated acts Great Coven, Sabbah Navahthani, Electric Wizard, Los Natas, Dragonauta, Solodolor, Cuerno, Culto de Anubis, Diavalos, Satan's Wrath, Mirror, New Jack, Πορφυρία
Website Eight Hands For Kali Myspace

Eight Hands For Kali was a doom metal band with origins in Spain (Though their drummer originated from Greece and their singer from Argentina). Forming in 2003 after three of the members broke up Great Coven, the trio now was working in collaboration with José Luis Armetta (Dragonauta, Solodolor, Los Natas). No information on shows are out there so it may well have been a studio-only project, leading to the release of an EP entitled Mount Meru in 2005 and a single-song studio album in Himalayan Necromantia two years later.

Tasos would move to Cyprus to form a crust/sludge band in Sabbah Navahthani, later move to the UK to join Electric Wizard and then form Satan's Wrath, Diavalos and Mirror. José would remain active with Solodolor while forming a new band in 2017 known as Culto de Anubis. Karyan and Jondix would form Ätman-Acron in 2008, which would remain active up until roughly 2012.

Eight Hands For Kali - Himalayan Necromantia

Eight Hands For Kali - Himalayan Necromantia


  • Mount Meru (EP) (2005, Pariah)
  • Himalayan Necromantia (Studio Album) (2007, Pariah)


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