Echoes of the big sand
Copertina press ridotta
Desert Rider's first album
Studio album by Desert Rider
Released February 1 2015
Recorded 2014 at Phonic Art Studio in Castiglione del Lago - PG - Italy
Genre Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Stoner Metal
Producer Federico Marcantoni/Traverso Mathias
Desert Rider chronology
Echoes of the big sand

Desert Rider's "Echoes of the big sand" is the first full lenght album of the italian stoner metal band; it was released on 1st February 2015 and recorded between April and June 2014 by Federico Marcantoni at Phonic Art Studio ([1]) and Francesco Riganelli at Bpa Studio. Mastered in June/July 2014 by Federico Marcantoni at Phonic Art Studio.

All songs written and recorded by Desert Rider

Artwork by Traverso Mathias, based on pictures from Mr Giuseppe Maritati ([2])

Echoes of the big sand is inspired and dedicated to the great sci-fi saga Dune [3], by Frank H. Herbert.

  Echoes of the big sand
No. Title Writer Note Length
1     Beginning Desert Rider/Giulia D'Allestro 1:19
2     Spice traveler Traverso/Desert Rider 5:23
3     Seeds Traverso/Desert Rider 2:56
4     The prophet Traverso/Desert Rider 8:54
5     Riding the sandworm Gallinella/Desert Rider 4:34
6     Equilibrium Traverso/Desert Rider 6:49
7     The golden path Traverso/Desert Rider 6:49
  Total Length : 37:16
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