Ea Taesse
Studio album by Ea
Released December 20, 2006
Genre Funeral doom
Length 54:24
Label Solitude Productions
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Ea Taesse

Ea Taesse is the first full-length album of the Russian or American funeral doom metal band Ea, released on December 20, 2006.

Album information Edit

In support of this hypothesis the booklet of the album reads:

"EA TAESSE is based on the sacred texts of ancient civilizations. These texts were composed using the dead language recreated on the basis of the results of archeological researches. EA is voices of ancients that reached us through centuries."

Composition Edit

The album actually consists of a single 55-minute song split into three parts where musically, epical riffs, acoustic insertions, melodic solo-parts, ambient and horror elements are combined.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Laeleia"   18:42
2. "Mea Ta Souluola"   12:48
3. "Ea Taesse"   22:54
Total length:


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