Ea Band
Ea's logo.
Background information
Origin United States
Genres Funeral Doom Metal, Ambient
Years active 2005-Present
Labels Solitude Productions
Associated acts Shape of Despair, Colosseum, Comatose Vigil
Website Bandcamp page

Ea is a funeral doom metal band whose style is very close to the sounds of Shape of Despair. Like the latter, the band propose a very original version of funeral doom, all aimed at creating dreamlike and melancholic spaces.

Origin Edit

Almost nothing is known about the band, neither on the identity of its members, nor on their origin. Judging from their Bandcamp profile, they could be from Cody, Wyoming, United States but it is not known how much this information is official. However, in 2019, their location was set to Antarctica.

Band name and history Edit

Band name

The name Ea would be borrowed from an ancient deity of Babylonian mythology. The band claims to rely on ancient sacred texts, written in a dead language rediscovered thanks to some archaeological research.

Very little is known about them because there is no official website, no links in the webpage of their record label, Solitude Productions, nor any name is indicated in the booklet of their first album Ea Taesse.

The band tries to cover itself with an aura as hidden as possible, and most probably this is due to the anomalous lack of information. In support of this hypothesis the booklet of their album reads:

"EA TAESSE is based on the sacred texts of ancient civilizations. These texts were composed using the dead language recreated on the basis of the results of archeological researches. EA is voices of ancients that reached us through centuries."

There are reasons to doubt that this is true and that ultimately everything is reduced to a question of image.


Ea formed in 2005 and began in 2006 with the release of their debut album Ea Taesse on December 20. The band's second album Ea II was released on Friday March 13, 2009. On February 25, 2010, their third full-length album Au Ellai was published via Solitude Productions. On March 5, 2012, their eponymous fourth studio album was released, consisting of a single 47-minute track. A Etilla was published by the same label on January 13, 2014, and consists of a single title-track track that clocks in at 49 minutes.

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