Background information
Also known as Maverick (2012 - 2015)
Origin Yeovil, Somerset, England
Genres Stoner Rock, Hard Rock
Years active 2012 - Present
Website Duskwood Official

Duskwood (Previously known as Maverick) are a 4 piece Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band hailing from Yeovil, Somerset in the United Kingdom. Drawing from the likes of Wolfmother, Clutch, The Sword and Queens of The Stone Age, Duskwood comprise a sound that is heavy yet groovy and catchy in it's presentation.


This band would begin in 2012 as Maverick, initially as a quintet[1] with their earliest known show taking place on 20 October 2012.[2] The band performed several shows in the Yeovil area, building up to a release of their debut EP Cavete Ursus on 24 June 2013, recorded at Orchard Studios.

Maverick would perform several shows from 2012 - 2014 whether with fellow locals or touring acts. However by the Spring of 2016 the band would re-brand themselves as Duskwood.[3] The band would release a single in "Church of Misery" to promote a debut album, leading up to the release of Desert Queen on 14 November 2016, attaining positive reception from the likes of Outlaws of The Sun,[4] Desert Psychlist,[5] Markus' Heavy Music Blog,[6] Stoner Hive[7] and Rock Regeneration to name a few.[8]

Duskwood would perform more frequent shows and share the stage with the likes of Nick Oliveri, Monolord and Conan among others. By the end of the 2010s the band would evolve into a quartet and then release The Long Dark on 20 April 2019, the first in a concept series about "The Nomad's Saga". The band would tour England with Morass of Molasses and Cybernetic Witch Cult later that summer. A second EP in this concept series entitled The Lost Tales would follow on 28 February 2020.


  • Cavete Ursus (Extended Play; As Maverick) (2013)
  • Desert Queen (Studio Album) (2016)
  • The Long Dark (Extended Play) (2019)
  • The Lost Tales (Extended Play) (2020)


Current MembersEdit

  • Liam Tinsley - Vocals
  • Aaron Tinsley - Bass
  • Greg Watts - Guitar
  • Hugh Landon - Drums

Former MembersEdit

  • Pete Robins - Drums
  • Jack Goodger - Drums
  • Laurence Newberry - Guitar

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